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I'm david ko koa newsradio eight fifty am mm and ninety four one fm koa newsradio time eleven oh to a democratic state representative has become colorado's first lawmaker to be defeated in a primary after being accused of sexual harassment paul rosenthal beaten in the party's primarily by two other candidates the post reports ashley we linden emily sirotta both qualified for the ballot at the house district nine democratic assembly in southeastern denver post also reports rosenthal was accused of sexually harassing a man at a campaign event in two thousand twelve the avalanche don't blink in last night's do or die regular season finale beating saint louis five two leftwinger gabriel landis god throw january and february and you know just looking at the standings each and every day i mean you guys are saying this is gonna come down to the last game we just got a weird feeling about the ads will take on formidable nashville in round one of the playoffs a pair of climbers fell and were injured after being hit by a large loose rock inlet plot county a rock the size of two or three microwaves colorado rockies baseball is coming up in one hour i the day goes the distance right now this is rockies now let's head out to the ballpark appears jack corrigan fiber buddy jack corrigan welcome to our first broadcast of rockies qna here in twenty eighteen and since it's the twenty fifth anniversary season celebration we thought it most appropriate to visit i with the rockies chief executive officer owner dick montfort to i the most obvious question for me is did you think way back when when you and your brother charlie were asked to get involved in a potential rockies franchise that you'd be here.

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