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Entrepreneurs and listening to this podcast what would you say one reason for them to become an entrepreneur and may be one reason for why they should not try entrepeneurship like if the kind of a blake blake we've defined jasa the first thing is if the entrepreneur must be very very passionate about what they're doing you know you have to be interested in work you're trying to pursue yesterday i ran for the inauguration of the bible corn nut job center sports excellence and the young entrepreneur the could oh who started this enterprise is so passionate about sports the ramp shaw he will be it'll you got to really you've got to enjoy what you're doing if you're just doing it for the sake of starting a company or if you're starting a company just for the stick seacot existing that company i'm not so sure there to entrepreneur acting up to entrepreneurial as to enjoy and be very passionate or both way stopping that germany and more importantly you got to endure their journey for some distance and you ordering enjoyed that distance and is going to be full of challenges so you got that's fitted of challenge i'm judy the deep sense of both was as to why you are starting their business so i jedi would daily entrepreneurial whatever that ideal you know you must really have some the building selfinterest to pursue that idea so you know the the young entrepreneurs i saw in that stocked up competition.

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