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Rose at both small and large freaks fleets the reasons were quite different large carriers reduced to the number of drivers they employed in keeping with the lack luster freight levels smaller carriers added to their driver pulls increasing their number of drivers by about one point nine percent Costello ended that large fleets add drivers during the first two quarters of the year and then they started what they state right sizing their fleets in the third quarter both the turnover rate at the large leach the decision to cut back on the number of drivers appeared to be in conflict with the with the A. T. A.'s still continued cries of divers shortage driver shortage although large carriers often professor driver shortage their own comments and data clarified that the issue is a driver retention problem freight rates took a hit this year over capacity in other words there were too many trucks had to many drivers compared to the amount of rate thus large fleets have announced they're reducing their truck orders and their driver Celts which absolutely refutes their claims of a driver shortage of course ID eighty for the longest of times has refuted claims that there is a driver shortage stating that the large turnover rates indicate that the big fleets are able to find qualified CDL holders every year but they can't keep them.

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