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I'm the one that learned the lesson my mom but man i was going to teach my momma lesson. Yeah what i've been known to dump dump stuff definitely go. Okay cleanup it. Yeah but the other thing. I love to use timers with that. On things slogans make every minute count and my lifers psalm. Ninety twelve number our days right lord that we might gain a heart of with wisdom And i love to not not in a frantic frenzy kind of way. Make every minute count but really be intentional. Yeah and and do it do it right whether i'm playing with my family or working. Yeah and setting a timer. It's amazing how there are so many things that take that long that we really get. We really get upset about. And that's what. I try to help my kids do an in when they're young. Yes when they're preschoolers setting a timer. And say i will help you i will. I never say come help. Mommy clean your room. No i will help you clean your room if i see you working hard and let's see what we can get done in three minutes. Okay like this is so fun and easy and put the music on or things like that. And even i do. I play games with myself like that. Set the timer to empty the dishwasher. Really it's about a three to four minute job in. So when i feel like i you know and i think really can. I give three minutes to this and it'll be over. Yes yeah absolutely. I do anything for three minutes. So it stuff like that and really speaking of house cleaning like i have a strategy for having totally all at once. Clean house All at once and it's a great strategy and if people have kids that are able to help in involves them pitching in involves loading down the stroller with every single thing that you need and going through the house like with a maid cart going through. I've heard that before and so that that is a great win..

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