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His wife yen yen their kids brimming with excitement and my favorite is a tree with flowers and the flowers to really bring for yes well then other Chinese fast yeah so you guys got a lot of festivals and so whenever there's any kind of Chinese vessels we go and we kind of teach them as much as we can about it the history of it so yeah I mean and we have them in a dorm language school and so it's good for them to kind of be immersed in that it's very important because it's about our culture and you know just to learn the history where are people came from yeah we have it here you know we've been living here for over a hundred years at least my family has the Chong family but you know to be able to get back into our heritage and our culture and learn from where we came from and where we are now is huge especially for me my wife that attitude toward Chinese festivals especially traditional ones is common among Chinese Americans so says Lorene harm she's a professor Cal Poly Pomona or she conducts research on LA's Chinatown and the Chinese diaspora there's an importance of these ethnic festivals these cultural events for the community it's really a base to build community to maintain a sense of community maintain a sense of belonging and consider also with that kind of a mechanism to pass down across generations as well so for those in the Chinese American community were third fourth fifth generation these festivals and events help us to maintain and learn sometimes that does kind of traditional practices as well this may be a Chinese festival but the people.

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