Doug Evans, Curtis Flowers, Prosecutor discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand


Seemed frankly appalled by the fact that Doug Evans was allowed to continue trying this case the history of the case prior to this trial is very troubling the lawyer arguing the case for the state was not Doug Evans himself. It was a Representative of the attorney general's office multiple times Samuel Alito pressed him on this question. Mississippi law could the attorney general had said, you know, enough already we're gonna send one of Alan people to try this case, preferably in a different county where so many people don't know so many other people could he have done that just sort my brought this up to she's another former prosecutor. And so I think this this sort of pressing of the supreme court on the attorney general's office about like is there something you guys can do was an interesting thread, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I mean, the the short answer to that is that the attorney general cannot step in unless Doug Evans request them to step in. As far as I can tell the technical answer on that. But it's interesting to see how that will play out if they do overturned the conviction. So there's no way to remove a prosecutor who has who has been found to have engaged in repeated instances of gross misconduct. There's no mechanism to remove him from the case. The ballot box. I mean, it's an elective position. So essentially as long as he continues to be elected he will have the right to continue to try this case. I mean, the the remedy for Curtis flowers for misconduct in this on the part of the prosecutor is a new trial. So if Curtis flowers has a trial and the prosecutor does something wrong. He commits misconduct. The remedy for. That is not the prosecutor gets taken off the case. It's that Curtis flowers has the right to a new trial, which might sound good. And and and we think about the idea of a new trial as being like a victory when we think of these wrongful conviction stories, but in Curtis flowers case, what that has meant is just he's still been incarcerated for more than twenty years. He doesn't get out of prison. So from his perspective, a new trial.

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