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Woodwork to tell me all this i was just get rid of the private vella reserve conservatism second amendment land large none of a more mainline libertarian conservative until i got all the data by the real experts and bill clinton sent the military after meeting it meant to intimidate me and threatened people and i just fell into this whole world about twenty years ago first few years i was a pro americana god but then i fell through the next level and it was like whoa and now twenty years later as a lay individual just journalist shed experiencing all this just like you're experiencing it i'm one of the leading experts in the world at our level imagine the global the top with the blueprints they don't release they've got it all systematically laid out they brag about it now and that's their downfall but they all say eric schmitt all of them that we are obsolete we're all gone we better hope they don't live as fallout but then the decision has been made to just go ahead and do it okay so we're going to have a debate about this we're going to have a discussion about this this is the entire system this were on a planet with a technocracy that's decided to get rid of most amish iit's not aliens they just think they are aliens they say we're going to be a new species we're in worship an attack god we create this is their religion how did you just make that up at the end game rod got scores of them quoted as saying that and there were people like bill joy warning people just like you on mosque bill joy goes yeah what to a retreat of over two hundred tech hedge and the it was all things about the we killer by the consensus was yeah so you'll the nazis they started out in the twenty and they were bad news and they picked up the agenda custom that had come out of england in the us and was funded by the rockefellers historical fact kaiser volume institute culture ingvar solely new york all funded in pressure and it was funded in new york prussia germany new york new york outside new york post are and now you're just sharing the super advance version of it and you notice of racebased they've got the poll minorities and the.

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