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True story. Shoutout. Vicky straight our good friends. She's a good friend of the show. Good friend of mine and she worked with the band intimately. And Vicki no offense. You know? It's all telling you cheek Murph. Go ahead. Okay. Good. Very good ties with the great texts came popping in right there. I one five three oh copes comparing Longo tomorrow Yano as hopes weird segment for coal week. Then four and five. Wait. I heard Murph talk earlier this morning about his info overload. Hang in there copes. Okay. That's great. Because that means that person has been listening since sixth ten this morning. So that's incredible. Thank you for that. Then to nine Justice. I'm just gonna have to throw the fifteen yard. It's more famously Virginia Tech football takes the field Metallica. That is not more. Then finally nine one six just goes jar. What's the guy's name from Murray state again, John Mirant nine hundred sixty because John Mirant down the lane and says Longos walkup song is down and out by tantric. Patrick. I don't like that. Rapped over the name of the track down and out your me up music down and out in four or five says metallic actually flew from Rio to Yankee Stadium. It's a long flight from Rio for this guy from Panama who doesn't even know we are in first class. I'm doing Polly's large. Right. Fun stuff. Fun sound here. It starts with Julian Edelman and again now busted for steroids. This year. Here's murph. He's making grabs it Arrowhead last week. And by the way, you're so right. It's so funny. It's comical, I don't know that I understand it. But the politics of football the politics of NBA, I'll throw the NHL in there. They just don't care. Elleman go. Take some stuff got suspended. Good. We'll see at the Super Bowl baseball. It's like Ray Lewis is in the pro football hall of fame found him in the trunk. Trauma? That was that. I couldn't believe Tony botched that too. He was talking about Ray craker Ruth with as I can. Crossed wires. It's like he's was like he was calling. I know he was really. A twenty came in Yellen about Ray Lewis was found naked in a tragic. Twenty minutes later, he Texas. I met Ray Ruth as well. That's kind of a big mess. There buddy. You know what I mean? But anyway, and then he went on Vigliotti said he went to coast. Oh, what's long difference between these mass murderers? What am I supposed to keep track of these guys? Cope L. Listen, come on. This is an off base. Come at me. It was a take off the road. I play Metallica song. I'm playing a game winning doubles from nineteen seventy-one playing be a believer. And giants fever. No. Now, you gotta do..

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