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And we're back. We've reached the part of the show where there's three of US instead of two of us. I guess that's the distinctive thing right now. Elissa still is with me in New York in one square over for me on my screen and in the other square we have Kirin deal. Welcome back here and it feels like it's been way too long. I know it feels like it's been a whole sixty five to one hundred million days of quarantine you live alone and you look great. What's your secret that this was all I had to do for the whole day so I have nowhere else to be. Have nowhere else to do. This is the earliest. I've been up in weeks in weeks weeks. Normally sleep do like I wake up at like I like go to bed like four in the morning and my natural like I think my natural schedule around no other human beings this is. This is bad and I shouldn't out myself is like four in the morning and then I wake up at like noon so this is like to me this. This is like five in the morning. Nine four I was gonNA feel like you're catching an international flight to nowhere. Who Really feel like I'm in Beijing right now so yeah. I think I think that segues well into kind of what I wanted to talk about my plan for today. My plan plan the a couple of weeks ago? Accuse host of what a day and friend to all humanity tweeted about how her coping mechanism is to make plans. And I have never smashed the like button so fast in my life because the hardest one of the hardest things about being on lockdown or stay at home order with no end date set has been that coping mechanism has been taken away like the ability to make plans. Isn't there anymore and you know one thing and I don't. I don't want to harp on a wedding. 'cause we've already discussed this but you know we cancelled our wedding and we were thinking about rescheduling to twenty twenty one but before we made plans we started talking about it. And it's like twenty twenty one might not be okay either like we. Kim Can't make plans can't make plans to go on a vacation can't make plans to go. See Your Family Karen. Have you found that plans? Kind of evaporating has been something. That's impacted you. During this time I'm still hung up on the phrase quote. I don't want to harp on a wedding. Yeah I know it's I know you guys have talked about it but all you're allowed. You can harp a little on a wedding. There are other examples of plans that people can't follow through with like graduations people have had you know their entire lives looked forward to graduating from high school or college invited themselves class of two thousand twenty and then they don't get to celebrate it like. I participated in a zoom graduation. This weekend for a person who's a fan of the show. They they had me come and do like a commencement speech and it was really cute. But I'm but I'm sure it was like not what had been planned. You know what I mean and like. That's that's what I mean by. You know there's all kinds of people who are having like their plans and everything they imagine kind of falling off for them right now. Yes Shit on. I believe the phrases shit on. Yeah I would say when when Gavin grown a first name basis now me and the governor of California when Gavin like last week I had I had the end of I had quarantine being lifted on March fifteenth like in my calendar. May Fifteenth. That's right I don't know what time is Erin. Okay am I got the right? Thank you so much but when that happened. I I remember being like like I put that in my calendar I was like looking forward to it and I was like you know like trotting towards it so I feel like he personally betrayed me when he continued the lockdown order. Like like that Tuesday. I was like I was like. Oh what the fuck you know what I mean like an I felt that waste I think specifically because because that was something to look forward to you know like so even though he's re I actually felt like it was a framing issue. It's like if he he. He reopened the trails. He did some stuff. And he's going to be like lifting the lockdown slowly. The idea here. And if he'd been like okay like may fifteenth were opening the trails and then like Wolfe's in the other stuff slowly. I think I would have been like. Yeah but the fact that he felt like he took away. You know the the idea of Of Freedom for me Eliza. Have you had similar feelings around the governor of New York and plans and you feel that way about how do you? How do you feel about Gaddi? Feel about Andrew. We're GONNA we're to say you know it's like I have coastal NBA because you guys are further ahead than we will ever be here in New York and so when I hear you kavech about may fifteenth. I mean I think we're looking at like July fifteenth. This point like my can't tell you the rage and I can cite tweeted about it the other day but so New York is broken up into like seven different regions and I live in the capital region and the capital region in New York. The governor has set up seven metrics that each region has to meet before they can start reopening and the capital region has one metric left that set. We are so fucking close to being able to do drive by retailer. Whatever it means and I went to the store the other day and people were just like not wearing masks like not even just not merit wearing masks. The woman's like I dare you to stop me like I'm not wearing a mask. Only looking assholes you are. You're trying to take away by like phase real but anyway so I don't have any optimism about when I'm going to be able to do normal things so I have a very specific way of dealing and it's like an it is about plans like as I wrote books about how plans make me exist. Amac like this has been like a lot but so I've just made things much more bite size. You know like you were saying The other night my hubs and I were watching the trailer for the King of Staten Island. Which I think comes out June second and I put that in the calendar and sentiment fell. Invite him like we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA look forward to this. We'RE GOING TO WATCH IT ON JUNE SECONDS. Second and the like going to the grocery store basically. I just don't do anything random anymore. There's one grocery store. I love Hawthorn Farm Hawthorn farm store and we go on Saturdays. We get there by eleven because you have to. Socially distance in the line can be very long and I get to foods that were really looking forward to. I get their pizza dough. And it's like I know it sounds really lame but those are like the plans I make. It's like I'm going to go to the store that day. That means we're going to have pizza on Monday night. That's something to look forward to. And so those are my those are. Those are the kinds of plans that I make like. I said before you know. I think that my neighbor and I looked at the weather forecast on Saturday. And set up our social distancing for Wednesday so we had something to look forward to. And that is it's like it's like there's no spontaneity because it ruins your ability to something human so that's kind of where. I'm at every everyone I know. Sounds like they're living in a retirement community in Florida totally because there you guys even dressed like I'm running condo board. It's literally like I talked to a neighbor of mine and I was like and I was like so. What did you do this weekend? Oh we walked around the block. We took a dry like we saw mountain that we went to the store. We got some pizza outlook if you just if you put it in. Seinfeld's parents accent all of a sudden you're right there in Boca Raton Florida right here. And I'm the and I'm the same. I have done that. I strung out an entire an entire week on on the idea of eating a big meal of Indian food and it was just like my whole week was like strung out on like making very against so yes small things. Yeah I mean going back to the plans thing I think another thing kind of what Elizabeth.

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