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And welcome in to Friday, the weekend has arrived and thanks so much for being a part of the program. We will head to Tuscaloosa in just a moment, Nate Oates, spoke a few about an hour and a half ago. We'll have the latest on that, but there is some news from the SEC all miss has fired men's basketball coach Kermit Davis that announcement came this morning. He got off to a good start going to the tournament in year one that's been downhill ever since for the very likeable Kermit Davis, always enjoyed seeing him and drop into Oxford, but he is gone. And interim coach the rest of the way. How about this from the ACC, the Florida AD at a board meeting said something has to change with the ACC for the Knowles to win big. There is a lot of frustration with the ACC and the grant of rights deal and their television deals. There's all kinds of speculation down the road about FSU and other schools. We'll get into that later in the program. But we begin with the story we've been following all week long, this is a headline from pat 40, the rest of Alabama's season, seemingly fraught with issues. And Coley Harvey has been covering the story all week long. We talked to him the other day in Columbia Cohen, thanks for joining us from Tuscaloosa. I understand you were at the oats presser earlier this afternoon, good afternoon, tell us what's going on there. Yeah, good afternoon, Paul. We are here in Tuscaloosa, and just a little bit ago, Alabama head coach NATO's did address the media heading into tomorrow's game against Arkansas that is right here inside Coleman coliseum. And the big news that came out of that was that he feels as if the pulse of his team right now, despite everything that it has been dealing with this entire pest month going all the way back to January 15th, excuse me, when 23 year old jamia Harris was shot and killed in that incident involving Darius miles and now former tide player, as well as his acquaintance of Michael Davis. Just going back to that. This is a team that even with all of that happening, the post still around them is good according to NATO's. Here's a little bit more of what he had to say as I get ready for this game. The whole team understands how tragic and serious the situation that we're dealing with this since day one really the first mean we had the first Sunday. I think they're doing a great job. Just understanding that we're still focused on the task at hand, Walt still understanding how tragic and serious the situation is. But, you know, I think they're pretty good and people asked about our play Wednesday night. We didn't play our best game, but it's hard for me to know exactly. I feel like the pulse of the team is pretty good though to be honest with you. So if today's practicing indication, energy was good and our guys were doing a great job doing what we're asking them to do to prepare for Arkansas. We've been taking it very seriously from day one. I'm in the first minute I got the information I called Greg and we've talked about it. We've known the severity of it, but Greg, I thought did a great job addressing those comments on Wednesday. And I don't really have much else to add to it. We feel like we've done the right thing in this case. So I'm going to leave it at that with Craig's comments that he addressed. Now, Paul, that last part that you just heard there were oats was talking about the conversation he had with AD Greg burn. That was in reference to a question that I actually had to him about Brandon Miller, the freshman forward, and the connection that was raised during Tuesday's preliminary hearing, the connection that Brendan Miller apparently had to this incident on January 15th. And just the talking with people around Alabama also people around branded Miller. There was some shock and surprise that his name was linked to this in that hearing because everything that they've been told to this point is that he's not criminally charged. The evidence is shown that he had no culpability in the incident itself to their knowledge. And so there was some genuine concern that he was outlined in that statement. That's where his name, of course, became public in connection, possibly to this. That all being said, because there have been no criminal charges against Miller. The university has had these conversations within themselves, Greg burned his talk to NATO. He's also talked to the school president as well as legal counsel here, and they have come to that understanding that they should continue to play Brandon Miller as well as Jaden Bradley, who was also outlined in that testimony from a police officer on Tuesday. We were watching the press conference up here while you were there. Something that surprised me, and I want to ask you about that, I realize NATO's works for Greg Byrne, but it was the feeling of a lot of people with whom we've spoken to that that Greg burn confused the issue dramatically on I guess it was Tuesday or Wednesday with his interview with Reese. Because NATO said that he was aware of a lot of this early on Greg Bern acted like all that's just fell out of the tree and he seemingly according to some people with whom we've spoken through NATO under the bus. I realize I've given you a lot to unpack there, but can you help us understand that praise of Greg burn there when a lot of people saw it completely differently? Yeah, well, for my understanding here in the last couple of days, it appears as if, honestly, Nate Oates was unaware of what was going on in the moment on Tuesday when he had that news conference where he kind of said some things that people really did not take well. He essentially said Brandon Miller was in quote the wrong place at the wrong time and didn't really seem to be deferring to the loss that took place that night with jamia Harris family. That being said, he did not really get the forewarning of what was going on in the hearing at that time. The hearing was actually still live playing out across town at the moment that NATO was speaking. And so that's where some of that maybe perhaps the perception of Bern throwing him under the bus the next day, maybe that's where that came from because oats did not have quite all the information at that time. So that's why he did say, hey, we did know from the beginning that there may have been a connection with Brandon Miller being president, I should say, at that particular event, but there is no there it doesn't appear to be any concern between those two natos and Greg Byrne. They appear to be trying to get on the same page now. I can say that the other night after the game there in Columbia Byrne was present. I was not here Tuesday, so I'm not quite sure if he was in the room when coach oats was speaking, but he was present Wednesday night after the game. And even today, during that question, you just heard oats his answer. He was essentially deferring to his athletic director saying I'm going to let his statement from Wednesday stand. So at this point, they appear to be trying to get on the same page. Coy, I realized Byrne did that podcast, but has he made himself available to people like you and the local media to expound or explain some of his comments from the other day? My understanding at least for the local media standpoint is that he is not necessarily done that at this stage. I will say I did speak to him just in passing during halftime actually of the game Wednesday night. And he told me that he felt it was important to speak on the podcast that day. In order to give some balance to the story because he felt the day before that his player was getting unfairly railroaded in a sense that his name all of a sudden came out of the ether. And so to his knowledge, it was, it did feel like it was kind of coming out of nowhere. To the details of what happened. I think that's where Byrne was a little bit blindsided perhaps from that testimony on Tuesday. But it does seem clear that the university was made aware even the morning of that Sunday morning of January 15th that two other players were present, but law enforcement's investigation from that point to now has cleared those two of any wrongdoing and that's why they're still on this team and still playing.

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