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Newsradio six ten WTVN. News Radio six hundred ten WTVN Allison Wyatt in Ohio police officer died today days after he was struck by a pickup truck Coleraine township police officer, Dale woods was forty six years old and a fourteen year veteran of the police department and a former firefighter in Cincinnati, a brand new upgraded nine one one is now running and pick away county after a nearly six hundred thousand dollar renovation dispatchers will now spend the next thirty days learning how to use the new equipment and the Columbus Crew have released their schedule for twenty nineteen. It begins with the twenty fourth MLS season opening at home as they face the New York red bulls name time as it four thirty. It'll be on March second and they also will face their interstate rival and MLS newcomer FC Cincinnati I on the road on August tenth and then at nyp stadium in Cincinnati on August twenty fifth for your first warning weather a win. Advisory remains in effect tonight as we see cloudy skies and some scattered rain low of twenty nine am Alison Wyant more news at the top of the hour. Non demand at six ten WTVN dot com. Hey, Dan, when we started Z quiet ten years ago. Did you ever believe we would help so many couples kicked snoring out of bed? The response has been fantastic. Like this story from Mark and Lynette. It had gotten to the point where my wife, and I weren't able to sleep in the same bedroom consistently. I had to keep pushing or kicking waking and map and after he would wake up, you know, maybe there were ten minutes or fifteen minutes before he would start snoring again. I would hope I fall asleep during that time. But if I didn't it just made for a long one time. I remember my wife brought in a recording listen to this. And he was like. No. It's you your snoring. And.

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