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Time. He's a former newspaper guy that did that. Industry three moved into radio t._v. digital and all that stuff and so when we got jason mcintyre. We want you to be our newspaper publisher our newspaper editor so you give us the headlines lines now which you think we will have on monday mornings a week one yeah. Are we gonna watch any games together or no or 'isolation guy when it comes to watch a game nicely i am. I am kind of three t._v.'s. I gotta watch the jets on my phone because obviously they're not live here and i do love sundays. I ordered unhealthy food and just asked nine hours of football or whatever the number is. I can't wait. I'm so okay who will win. The giants cowboys matchup. Tomorrow's headlines today giants cowboys ah i used to play this game with my kids called duck duck goose the headline monday will be dak dak lose the the new york giants pulling a massive upset their big underdogs here and the great research team on the heard pulled up some numbers dak prescott played in three week one games in his career arrays only going into his fourth year. He's been ordinary colin one touchdown one fumble. That's it notoriously slow starter. Look at these week one nine wow and again this is not against against awesome competition two games against the giants and they played the panthers last year in carolina big. Let zeke is late to the party to the party. Amari cooper barely practice just for the last month the two of their best defenders coming off show off season surgery. I think it's a slow start and i got a crazy number. You know i do a lotta gambling stuff for fox sports divisional divisional underdogs in week one the last five years or eighteen and four against the spread because they're coming in with a chip on their shoulder. We're big underdog. They don't know they're bad. Rivalry regain exactly and the cowboys. Let's be realistic. There are thinking super bowl. I saw joy has picked the cowboys to go to the super bowl. Nobody's talking about cowboys giants. There's just overlooking this game. I think the giant shocked them in dallas callard monday is going to be a big one for your show. Okay tomorrow's headlines today. Colts chargers match up well. It sell colts stock week right your your guy. You're in with the colts obviously and i disagree. I think the headline monday will be colts. Make their own luck i agree with i've got them going to the chargers and winning. We know the chargers. Don't have a home field advantage out here. There's none whatsoever against the spread last year as a home favourite just too and five there. They don't deliver when everybody expects them to. I think what the left tackle injury to russell okuno. That's significant. I think they know they're they're all line is is a bottom seven online in the league and now they don't have their left tackle at that's significant especially since the colts went out and upgraded their defensive line in the off season. Just i'm just in houston. I liked liked to receiver additions peres campbell in the draft devin funchess. I think they're going to be fine without andrew. That's not a knock on look just to be clear..

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