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To that here is what's happening japan's government has finally knowledge that a worker involved in the cleanup work at the fukushima nuclear plant may have developed cancer as a result officials say the man will be entitled to compensation for work related illness in the very first cancer case linked to the fukushima plant meltdown the man is in his forties is suffering from leukemia a minnesota man arrested for bludgeoning his grandmother to death with a hammer told police that he attacked the eighty four year old victim because she blew her nose at dinner i'm telling you people are wacked out you know if nothing is done to address legal and illegal immigration some fourteen million more immigrants will come to the united states over the next ten years that according to a warning call from to congressional immigration critics frosty wooldridge author of america on the brink the next added one hundred million americans that seems a little conservative to me frosty what about you well there's no question that within ten years the projections for legal immigration chain migration and the babies of those immigrants will add about thirty five to thirty eight million people to america that's demographic fact that we're facing and then of course that will be another thirty five to thirty eight million within twenty years again all total the united states will be absorbing one hundred million legal immigrants within the next thirty years if nothing has changed and we don't resend the nineteen sixty five immigration reform act do you see any change on the horizon frosty i do george and that that change is a man named donald trump who seems to have the his his finger on the pulse of the american people because they are angry that their elected officials both democrats and republicans are not enforcing the laws of this country they're not making any kind of common sense laws to change course and they're not representing the american people in fact they're representing illegal aliens more than they are american people just because look at the the sanctuary cities nightmare that's going on right now and the continued math immigration that simply is unsustainable all right my friend trashy wooldridge again his book is called america on the brink do you suffer migraine i mean those horrible headaches about fourteen percent of americans reported experiencing a migraine or severe headache in the previous three months according to a government survey but products made from peppermint they say including mint oil dabbed on the forehead at a new menthol gel applied to the back of the neck can help ease severe headaches say the companies that dabbled with these products so if you have migraines there are alternatives for you in a major shift the american cancer society is recommending that women at average risk of breast cancer get annual mammograms starting at age forty five rather than at age forty.

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