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Five thirty three time for a check of traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of doing Linda all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's the latest, Mike? Well, it's still tough getting outta town. Josh the southbound expressway is all brake lights coming out of the tunnel. You finally get some speed after south bay your back in it by granite as pretty familiar. Northbound is locked up from east Milton past neponsit circle. It's not bad after that one twenty eight southbound delays reach from route one thirty five down into canton and northbound's in the red from Braintree up to route twenty four it's tough on ninety five south coming down from one twenty eight finally get some speed after neponsit street, you're back in it near mechanic street. Let's see how things are downtown over the city the mall free insurance copter. The Leverett down reprimand this heavy and slow end to end all the way down to Storrow drive. Storrow drive on the eastbound side is back beyond the longfellow that lower deck of ninety three hangs up down around community college getting onto the bridge into the tunnel. Still no big issues for the subway tunnel or the Ted Williams tunnel. Kristen Eck offering insurance copter up north of the city one twenty eight northbound is tied up route three up to ninety three and southbound delays reach from four and two twenty five down into Waltham. Finally, route one north jammed up surgeon street up to route sixty it's good after that Mike king WBZ's traffic on the threes time now for a check on the four day AccuWeather forecast. Those bitterly cold temperatures approaching and bringing snow squalls within the question Dave Bowers when might we see them. That's right. Well, they're working their way into the middle of the state right now to west of Worcester and south west of there down through the eastern portions of Connecticut, they're actually pretty intense. So.

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