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California. Horrible long drugstore receipts. Finally, legal. Your next story of something vexing being verboten comes from Roxanne Roberts, the millionaires and billionaires in Palm Beach are used to getting anything they want. But on this exclusive Florida island, the one thing they can't find parking the shortage of public spaces has been a problem for years, but things came to a head last November when the lease flagger a descendant of the islands, founder and Suzy Herman third wife of a hedge fund billionaire got into a fight on Tony worth avenue. A lease pulled the front of her roles into an open space just as Susie backed her Jag into the same space, and neither would budge the suing brouhaha resulted in disorderly conduct arrests for both women and in new law passed last month reports the poem beach daily news city officials debated vary. Solutions but finally settled on this. If two cars arrive at the same spot at the same time, the older driver gets the space. And only if he or she produces their driver's license as proof of age, but the real genius of this is that they know any self respecting trophy wife will drive away before ever revealing every. March thirty first they have been no further. Palm Beach and legal solution to the problem of two people vying for the same parking space, your next story of peeve being prohibited comes from Peter gross would seventy five year old Wanda Crohn's and ran for mayor of Baker city,.

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