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Along with martin cooper on various instruments and stuart kershaw on drums. I catch with paul humphreys to discuss the thirteenth studio album launch punishment of luxury due out on the first of september. Hello paul and thank you for joining me today on the show. How are you evening very good. Thank you excellent looking at my studio. Remix of things has a studio in liverpool. And you have london second ones we basically all the writing and andy studio liverpool fan the finalizing an older mixing we down in my studio in london. And i'm very excited about. Md's fortieth anniversary with the new punishment of luxury thirteenth studio album. And it's going to be released tomorrow on the first of september tomorrow. I can't believe that it's our fortieth anniversary coming up next year as it seems like yesterday and some days it feels like an awful long time we pay for van. The only was intending to do one. Concert account believes that were sort of almost forty years. In forty year. Accidents started in october. Nineteen seventy eight and you assigned by factory records initially and it used to be called the ed. Yes yeah and he plays eric's club. There's a funny story when he was signed over to tony balsam factory records in hundred ninety eight. You're going to support joy division and you needed a name for your band. Come with a story because it's so funny. The thing was because we play jerry without you of us but they also knew the and email did this. Qa thing where we would play all electronic stuff because the it was basically a of approach rock band to be honest. And andy. And i wanted to do something electronic purely electronic and we basically because no one wanted to play with us because everyone. I'm using musician friends. Joe take so. We a coal from eric. Saying we've heard about your experimental electronic thing. Come and try out on stage the slot supporting joy division. This is in the october of seventy eight and they said well. What are you going to be cold. And we said we'll get back to you on that. What's gonna print posters so we ran ran to andy's house and And these ryan is wall. I don't think his parents really liked it very much older titles with and and we thought well we just gotta pick something mad and it doesn't really matter what called because it's only gonna be one gig anyway we'll just pick something that says the was different wynalda punk rock band and we saw customers in the dark and we thought that will do it. Sounds weird you know. It's a great name for a ban. I mean i love md. And i'm an eighty s. Go myself souvenir. that's what. I grew up with all those particular songs and What was it like supporting joy division at the time. Well it was amazing really because they don't just really started themselves and there was about thirty people in the audience. Either the truck julie song but also red frame white light and did you know that the telephone box greenwood road miles call. It was taken away by world council recently and this like a political storm of arctic now the local council could have taken it for pound for pound and the people at the council new the reference of it did a significant amount of it because it was you know we wrote the song red frame white light which was the second single about the phonebox it just got taken away and now all the funds are up in arms though bt as well it will cost you. Three grand maintain the number six three two three. W yeah yeah was also our office our office so because we come from class by neither of us at a phone so that was basically our office so we used to have to take holes at the phone books we used to hang around the phonebox waiting for the phone to ring featuring kicks weeks as well wait for calls back up the phone book the taste jeff any particular stories that sort of stick in your mind about then what was great about those times was that punk it happened and Before punk happened we decided to take electric route. But what was great about the whole punk scene. Was that all these clubs of fanta around england after punk bands but they weren't in a funk bands to fill the night every night and so so these to do alternative nine for anyone. That's doing anything different. You could get in the punk clubs play and if really if it wasn't for punk we probably wouldn't have existed because the word very many supply. These clubs opened up where funds other than punk bands could also exist so Pretty amazing early influences all craft wet. Your music has influences in. That was the kids we heard also bomb late some crossword big single on the radio and was like the first day of the rest of our lives where we heard that went. That is the future of music we want to do that. But the thing was craftwork had all if this incredible technology and because they were quite wealthy writes the wealthy when they began really comes from wealthy family so they could afford all this technology and whereas we were to working with lots from liverpool. He had no money so we had to kind of beg borrow and steal and make i mean my obvious electric's so as to make our early kind of electronic difficult of noise machine i used to get my aunties old radios k. Used to pull them apart and taller off from of them but make noise. We kind of wanted to be craftwork is technology. We were the budget was. We couldn't sound like craft because we have to use all these other instruments so those kind of a good thing. Because i became the mvp but unique sign wasn't in the early days of about say one or two from sounds but now more technology thousands. I mean we. We call it tyranny of choice. Now you can get lost on your possibilities and forget to write it. Some you know you can just go through. All of these simpson got thousands of sounds on now in the same way. A painter palatal is together. We put a palliative sounds together in order to restrict possibilities. We keep writing songs instead of get lots and it was the age of seven at primary school. I meet realize this year. We've known each other for fifty years. Oh my goodness.

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