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The free tickets go from February first to the seventh. Black Panther won top prize at the sag awards Sunday. It's up for seven statues at the Oscars another sign of life after the thirty five day government shutdown this Smithsonian museums are reopening today, all of the major museums along the mall in Washington like air and space will welcome visitors back so will the national zoo. Deborah Rodriguez CBS news. Taxes on cannabis may be reduced Sydney. Burkey that's one of the stories. We're following on AM seven sixty a Bill introduced yesterday in the California legislature would give legal cannabis businesses a temporary tax break to help them compete with black market pot sellers. CNBC reports tax revenues are far below projections. State officials blame exorbitant taxes as one of the culprits driving customers to on regulated sellers. A parolee is pleading not guilty to luring Mercedes Benz owner to a city heights parking lot late at night and carjacking the man with the help of teenage girl. Christopher Myers is jailed on one hundred seventy five thousand dollars bail. Judge in San Diego yesterday upheld protections for gray wolves the judge rejected a petition from ranching agencies challenging the wolf status as an endangered species. Right now, it's foggy and fifty. Eighty seven degrees at Lindbergh field AM seven sixty K F, M B, talk and breaking news. Good morning. I'm John trout. This is America in the morning from Westwood One news. It's Tuesday January twenty ninth twenty nineteen coming up on America in the morning. The White House says yes, President Trump may resort to another partial government shutdown if he doesn't give his border wall. I'm Bob Costantini at the White House after a weekend of declaring his innocence. Roger stone here in federal court. This morning is part of special counsel Robert Muller's Russia investigation. I'm Sierra Crawford in Washington were US sanctions against Venezuela's. State-owned oil company affect gas prices here at home, the refineries in the United States can continue to operate. I'm Linda Kenyon in Washington. It was a victory for survivors of child sex abuse. I'm Steve Kastenbaum acres in New York. Overhauled their statute of limitations giving victims more time to press charges. What will people sue over label? The amount of candy is listed on the packaging itself. I'm Jim Bohannon with the most ridiculous lawsuit. All ahead on America in the morning. It's seven after yesterday.

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