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Thanks for listening to our sponsors and supporters meats. Eggs appreciate you supporting our sponsors. The support or shows well really. I wanted to see how many times i say. Support in that sense on august ninety. Five lonnie killed his first known victim. Deborah jackson age twenty nine probable part. Sex worker definite fulltime mother and human being deborah was born in nineteen fifty. Six in her life was far from easy born into poverty. She'd had her first child at only fourteen. Fourteen still kid herself in her lifetime she would have three children she moved. La in the eighties. Take care of her grandma. There was loving devoted mother but she lost custody for kids when she began struggling with an addiction to crack fucking crack so much crackers episode next eighty five never worked in south central is a cocktail waitress was dating a woman named beatrice mason twenty nine year old army nurse right before she was killed beatrice was planning to break up with deborah because she had stolen her money to buy some crack deborah cosmetology student before her final relapse. She just got back from rehab when she moved in with. Beatrice got a job as a waitress. Relapse is believed she. Casey started turning tricks to feed her addiction few days before she was killed. This is so fucking sad. Deborah's kids had escaped from their foster home to find their mom and they did find her and then deborah sent them back to the foster home and told them will be together. Soon back we're going to be at big moss house. And then they never saw their mom alive again. Fuck my god. That has a childhood memory. No kids never have Deborah took a bus after visiting a friend and she never made it back home. Her body was found three days after she took off lane in an alley near west. Gage avenue in vermont. Slauson area just left out the trash. That's how the grim sleeper she was found late anita carpet with her hand. Poking out been shot three times in the chest. The police initially accused of killing deborah with strong alibis. She's quickly cleared as a suspect. Deborah's murder gets little attention like little media attention why because l. a. had so many fucking murders in the eighties the to keep track of and because papers didn't want to only talk about murders and other murders came across as more sensational when deborah was found. Another serial killer had already begun to dominate. La area headlines dayle okazaki and maria hernandez bodies had just been found early victims of richard ramirez the night stalker south-central wasn't the only part of la dealing with sadistic maniacs. Dale oreo roommates attacked in their home. Hernandez was revived. Barely after being shot in the face when she pulled into her own garage okazaki.

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