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Name Is Kara Harper and I'm a licensed nutritious I also have a masters degree in holistic health, and I'm very excited to be here this morning with my co-host Melanie Beasley Melanie registered and licensed Dietitian. She's been practicing nutrition for three decades. I think in a variety of settings bono. Okay sorry. You would never know by looking at you mail, but. Both Mellon I. We've personally had our share of health challenges over the years. Some of you maybe have even heard some of our personal stories. If you've tuned in for many years, and if you also have health challenges, we understand we know what you're going through. We also understand the importance of eating real food to conquer those health challenges, so we want to welcome you and welcome all of our listeners to today's show and the topic of our show today is incontinence problems at any age, and isn't that interesting because he always thinking continents is just you know someone's getting older, but it really kinda fact. Yeah from bed-wetting that wedding from the time you're little you know up until end of life it can affect. People ran. It affects quality of life so I'm really excited that we're talking about this and putting things out on the table for people to think about good morning. Everyone, I bet some of you are thinking. What is my diet and nutrition have to do with incontinence or lack of bladder control? Control well, many of our clients have said to us I thought my problem was structural problem and only doctor could help me certainly not a Dietitian nutritionist I know by UCAR, but they fill out a lengthy wellness form to come in for us. Look at in. That's of the questions on there, so some of you may also be thinking the exact same thing, so it may be surprising to know that. A number of our clients ask us for help with incontinence, which is defined as involuntary loss of urine. But car you and I were talking about. It's more than just you know. Expand a little bit on what you were saying that you had listened to that matter. I was just listening to a doctor. She was a urologist and she was just discussing kind of the criteria for diagnosing incontinence..

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