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The wacky gun talk after show crews was gathered and there's no telling what they'll say. Oh time we're a bunch of around here because they have to show we talk about stuff and then during we talk about stuff and then you guys kind of catching a theme here. We just kind of talk about stuff. We've got Michelle. GM here ear. Hey guys I was just on facebook. I'm part of a facebook group about Revolvers you got at these private groups that are not open to the public. This is a bunch of revolver folks. I love that album was Beatles. Yes I got it. Okay But they were one of the things and like a lot of our own old gun. Writers Really Border Patrol. People people like that but one of them was say. And you know and you're GonNa love this that three twenty seven federal her. Yeah all about that. I thought that was a hoot because these are folks have I mean these are collectors. They've got a lot of revolvers and all of that and they're Sania package there that whole three twenty seven federal and is is it just a few people to figure that out our general public know that now coming from the guy looking to get a lever action. Hey can order. Thank get a hank. I'm and I would like to get a forty five but even better if I could get a fifty fifty fifty caliber lever X.. With can now that'd be awful. They do have the have you seen the Tactical Lever Actions. Oh No Michelle knows. Yeah Yeah I having taken a very traditional gun in you've missed they've got Pitney Raoul's they've got the Oh you you could put lights and lasers and chainsaws. Yeah and they're black and there are and for some folks that are just really cool. Well if you didn't grow up with John Wayne going. I love this thing you did. You're looking at it and go. Oh why.

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