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For you on among a number of different platforms to give information about mortgage lending we bring to the show a lot of different types of people that he the works available were they don't work for malibu they worked for other lenders were grateful to have with us a great loan officer to gauge us thompson josh how are you i'm doing great are you doing he know what i'm okay i'm talked out and i'm tired any two hundred ninety degree outside but other than that i'm actually terrific but earlier exactly okay i wanna ask you a couple of quick questions up front borrowers uh what is the status of borrowers in your world today are they an eminently qualified do you have to find some odd programs for them give us an idea of the type of business and people you working with oh yeah it would be i i would definitely david every joy and bari unique uh you know yeah and let the good thing about it being a broker you know uh i have a letter of different you know lender program that i you know shop quarter fifteen a lotta quite meet or whatever i mean what about you know program that even been out there be note over him coming back our property though i have a lot of in better the focal point quite thorough work with so uh you know people that have a lotta right up on income but at a very qualified people guy at me he will will pay any okay leaked a scenario then okay so i'm let let's just say i'm one of these borrows i've got a poor unit building and i run a bakery and i've i've i make great money at the bakery but i don't show personal income 'cause i write off a.

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