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April the fifteenth thank you guys thank you DG appreciate it my friend all you know I remember that ninety three if I remember it right the islanders eliminated the penguins in overtime right yes David Volek in game seven beat the penguins and put the hours in the Eastern Conference finals if I remember that right for a for a cheese burger who is the goal for the islanders isn't golf it was that Ron Hextall Glenn Healy what's already I was sorry all right it was closed okay it was pretty good yeah which is funny because Ron Hextall was in the playoffs that year he was with the Quebec Nordiques and may god be by Montreal in six games okay I was close to that a lot of hockey talk a child metal the job I was great thank you did you mention it well it was fun stuff right that the ninety three five member David Volek scored in overtime a game selective the penguins came from behind to score like two these are the payments were unbeatable this is like Maryland you if your armor yagara Kevin Stevens it was like all the penguins the penguins and the islanders beat him it's like oh my god they beat him and then they lost the Canadians Canadians beat the kings of X. sorely and everything went from there so the second part of this trade between the Texans and the rams went down today you had the Texas side of it now the rams side of it and here's where you're gonna have to eat a big reality sandwich if you're the rams the rams in going all in for the Super Bowl two years ago now are paying for it because all the players they brought in Hey let's try to do it we'll we'll try to catch it this year and we'll worry about next year next year I kinda like that Hey whatever happens now we're we're all day to day here so we'll live for today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow that's fine and now they're having to worry about tomorrow you've already seen them have to part ways with players because they make too much money weren't as effective as they thought they were going to be and not just Todd Gurley would now your scene Brandin cooks are cooks you know falling and out out of favor and be traded the rams are another team that this is going to be another year where don't expect a lot you know they're not replacing this talent that is leaving they're just simply losing talent look they they made the trade for Jaylen Ramsey they want to keep him there's only so much money that goes around for so many positions this is going to be one of those bridge years for the rams where okay we lose these guys we gotta get we gotta get back some financial flexibility and they haven't really brought in any players to take their place so we can keep it going I think the rams kinda know we gotta try to get through this year with what we have hope that some guys take a step up in the next year we make another run at free agency with more money available because we can't just keep doing what we're doing here eventually got to pay the Piper we saw they took a step back last year from the Super Bowl they'll take another step back even more this year just because again talent going out not enough talent coming in until they can replenish it next year yeah you could get lucky in the draft and you could you know you get a receiver and and things will work out for right now I guarantee the rams plan as we kind of got to suck it up this year and then we got to move on look as everybody else in that division is going to be better all right right cardinals exactly just added the Andre Hopkins right you know how good the Seahawks already are right the forty Niners what to the Superbowl that's going to be a loaded up division and the rams have to see reality I'm sure they do saying this is gonna be the year it is for us we'll get back out in twenty twenty one who knows maybe we get lucky but we find some young players we like and we cut our your reconfigure things around a bit but that's gonna be the kind of year for the rams okay just to get a figure out monies for Jaylen Ramsey in office right after treating the bounty they did to bring him on board as part of the let's ramp up let's bring the names let's bring the swagger and we now way they swung in the mist they scored three points in the Superbowl that's it the genius got exposed at least in that day the following year Todd Gurley healthy is he is he or is he not what's the problem there they can't get the offense rolling a spotter and now everybody else in the division including the cardinals bringing in de Andre Hopkins Seattle's always going to be a mess for you D. J. Metcalf you're too can't wait to see that with Russell Wilson so you've got that and then the forty Niners even if people hate Jimmy grapple all they do is when they're built to win so it's certainly going to be a difficult task and all you did was throughout the one guy that galvanized a lot of those names and kept them all on the same page in the same direction by getting rid of Wade Phillips can't wait to see what kind of ramifications that has so you have that and you have no money good luck Twitter and how bout a fresco Mike it's will and all the Jason Spencer with my Carmen live from the geico studios a look because you're talking about Jared Goff now losing Todd Gurley you're talking about him losing Brandin cooks and and you you've seen the stats with Brandin cooks isn't playing that it's much easier when him and and and Cooper Kupp aren't on the field how much the rams offense struggles and so now you're saying all right if you're if you're an opposing defense we have to stop on this offense you don't what you still went in saying we gotta make sure Todd Gurley doesn't kill us that maybe if you get the football and we're lucky about it but we got to make sure Todd Gurley doesn't tell us what about wide receivers well we can't double anybody because you know Cup is decent and you know cooks is decent and Robert woods is decent now you just took a really good wide receiver away it's okay now there's don't have to worry about shutting down we have to worry about shutting down Jared Goff Jared Goff was good when he had a lot of weapons around it is you next level quarterback it's going to take even lesser players and make them good no he's not Tom Brady so now you're walking in going okay it's it's a lot easier now to game plan for the for the Los Angeles rams and not like a bike I said they're going to have a year and and Sean McVay's been a pretty good astute judge of going for in making trades to make the team better in the short run but eventually that short runs gonna end and you know they'll just get back at it next spring after they get you know into the draft they have two more grass and and one more round of more money to be able to go out get the players can't wait to see how it flows especially when we're still talking about opening up a new palace in some way shape or form perhaps later this year that that's still swirling and the logo that you still have to live down to take to the field with the Jason Smith show by Carmen live from the geico studios meanwhile earlier today there was a fake story about another fell team signing a very famous quarterback and then after that story got out what quarterback is going to contact our team just to see if maybe there's an off chance they want to this is bizarre and it's next chases read my comment box was radio let's be honest we don't need to dress not all agree but the NFL draft we'll be going to Cincinnati Bengals select was five.

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