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To before we went back to the original sculpture that we made by hand of the characters this wonderful sculptor named kent melton did these beautiful scopes for the first movie and we went back to them for this to try to better capture them and we got close on the first film but we didn't get we didn't get them and now we can get them so they are they are now how we wanted to them to be fourteen years ago but didn't have the technology return at the modus had you forgotten how to do the voice or forget party pace now well what's funny is that it's way more impressive to people than writing and directing the movie you know five seconds of going at that you know is like that's far more impressive thing applauding no it wasn't really one doesn't count it was a nanosecond brad i'm taking i'm taking thank you thank you thank you okay time now to talk about this week's movie news what's been happening helen so much well i don't know where it start should we start with coker start there start with the joker they it has been rumored for a long time that the joaquin phoenix starring joker movie is now set to start shooting in september told phillips is directing as predicted it's all it's all actually a thing woo and darris i it who you don't sound i i mean i'm i'm following interested in seeing this than i am in saying jared leto reprise the role because is a film that the world doesn't need but this one could be mental so she'll but i just think i don't i don't understand the i don't understand why have won this dc one that's not dc you and have them seems again not wishing to not fantasies it does feel a lot like just there is no coherent thought the the approach from the studio chief he's he's on record as saying look the important thing is to make a good film we're not going to worry about how they'll tied together with just wanna make each one which is how's that going well it's better than the tie them all together with making them so fingers crossed so this is this is written by phillips with skull silver who worked on the fighter which is pretty good finest hours which is right eight mile so he's not terrible writer that's that's also a good sign face has had very good taste in projects over the last few years you know him if rumors are to be believed he turned down the strange i have heard those rumors to or had meetings about doctor strange maybe not necessarily turning the down but certainly went interest me no but but something about the joker on this companies of actor yeah and this is the one that martin scorsese is producing yes i think people's problem with this stems from the fact that we're going to get it at the same time as a continuing yeah d c e you would you may well have as was announced couple months ago the jar leto joker in his own movie as well so as just a little bit too confusing it's like what would have happened had george miller's just as they come to the big screen and two thousand seven because we would have had army hammers batman running around at the same time as christian bale's batman just a year later and that's just weird audiences online as it could be very confusing so phillips said that this will be an exploration of a man disregarded by society that is not only a gritty character study but also a broader cautionary tale that's an old genuine i find that a little bit old for joker story i'm also the joker origin is a little bit joker should have a definitive origin i think he should just killing joke inspired which is not definitive arjun declare it's not cannon but you know i just don't i think the danger putting something like that on the screen is that people then adopt it and think that is the answer and i don't think there should be any answers with joker really ever i think that's something that keith ledger in christopher nolan really really right with the dark knight so a melillo bit wary of this but it could be great you know the interesting but this film not justified martin scorsese is involved but taught phillips is an interesting director he's a i.

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