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And seventy rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel all this after the Israeli military overnight assassinated a senior military commander in the Islamic Israel says is responsible planning a number of rocket attacks in the future that we're going to be launched towards Israel and talks straight used in Gaza city ever going three years in a row the number of hate crimes reported in the U. S. declined slightly in twenty eighteen as crimes based on religion dropped eight percent the FBI also reports twenty four people were killed in the seven thousand one hundred twenty hate crimes America's listening to fox news news radio guilty Jay on Patrick Osborne this news brought you by van Rossum contracting and topping Austin's news happening now the Austin city council is meeting for a work session where they'll discuss the plan eight million dollar acquisition of the roadway inn motel on I thirty five year old to work there's two brothers is buying properties for uses homeless shelters something that has worked for other cities is as the purchase of the roadway and will signify a major milestone business is the Red River district say they've noticed a change since Austin please put a renewed focus on crime in the area Cody callin with the Red River merchants association says it's been a welcome reprieve following a wave of shootings this summer earlier this year have to say for someone who's worked on the streets of Red River for over twenty years that it was the most dangerous I'd ever seen it the overall Austin please number show a fifteen percent increase in downtown violent crime through October she primarily a said it's still too soon to know how much that might be tied to changes to the homes ordinances around rock school district will be receiving medical trauma kids this week known to stop the bleeding kids stop the bleed program teaches students staff and faculty had attended severe wounds well the way for paramedics to arrive in the event of an emergency and it's like a village thirty one degrees not Patrick Osborne you get Austin news on demand at newsradio Kelly J. dot com mark in their lives local and they're talking about the stories that matter to you share your opinions with Markham Melinda at five one two eight three six zero five nine caller text now here are marking the Linda what a news morning Melinda yeah it has it just been exploding this morning especially when we consider the Supreme Court end what's going on right here in our backyard yeah will touch on two big items before the U. S. Supreme Court just ahead first of all they're now hearing arguments on the dock a program for young illegal immigrants will get into that they also made a decision not to take up a case involving gun makers this is a big one we'll have details on that decision and the implications of the move by the U. S. Supreme Court first the Austin city council is meeting right now and they are talking about spending up to eight million dollars to buy the roadway in on I thirty five in south Austin near old chore for the getting a briefing on how soon this thing can open and exactly how it's going to be operated yeah this is a a location and that is going to have I think I have eighty eighty two rooms yeah so it can help eighty two people get off of the streets and and I think that they're really looking at this not just for temporary shelter but as they've been saying all along they want permanent housing yes ultimately that will be the case and to Matt Molly Kaye is with echo that's the nonprofit group that gets taxpayer money to help the city house the homeless and deal with homelessness issues he said this before he said we want the homeless to stay in these hotels as long as the hotels are suitable to the homeless we're not going to push people when I let them take their time and he was asked about that again today he said once we buy it in close on it we expect it will immediately be available for the homeless and then we're gonna let him move into their rooms and we will have staff check on them each day to see if they're ready to start getting help with their addictions are looking for a job here's Matt Matt Leica just moments ago we're gonna get people inside and then bring the support services to their front door to their door and every day over and over again and ask are you ready now you know this is but are you ready to engage in your health care in your primary care need case management and offer those services he does not put a time line on how long they allow this to go on it I mean to me it sounds like it they can sit there and deny it deny getting any help for as long as they want and there's never going to be any I don't repercussions may not be the right word but there's never going to be at okay we've allowed you to stay here for six months at every corner you have refused our help so you got to go well he said that he's been a part of this kind of operation in Denver he says it works very well they do it in LA and other cities he says this is a really good model for us to comply here in Austin stop using LA San Francisco Oakland as examples they are they lean and failing tremendously no one here in Austin wants to hear that you're modeling something after failing system quit using them as an example there will be more money spent on the roadway and beyond the eight million dollars to buy the building it is a three story building up Molly because says yes ultimately they will have to do some renovations in this sound bite he's going to be explaining that what they have in mind is installing an additional sink in each room so the homeless can do their dishes in in these new sinks in the restrooms that is a requirement of federal regulations so they're envisioning providing the free meals three times a day in each of the rooms rather than having them go downstairs to where the common area is now for the continental breakfast in getting their free meals down there here's that sound bite from Matt mill Leica can't wash your dishes in the bathroom sink we're gonna have to put sinks little kitchenette sinks into the spaces near the refrigerators and microwaves in these units in order to use housing vouchers which long.

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