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Network worked fantasy on your heart the no logan show ricki after a 5 o'clock from loves this he loves this kind of music well he pulls in the parking lot in his big truck you can even with the windows up blasted in his truck can you expect anything less matt then listening to me like his tattoos everything you would expect them to listen to david our reform my show with matt and i say you're listening to the show today he's like rocket out be do everything by bob matt is big in over the top is one of our favorite guys he played offensive learn started on the lawn and the dealer in the nfl which is very very rare and now we're going to bring him on right now what's going on that who are not have them oh oh he's not here yet okay somebody was on hold what was on hope i will get them on i do know that is he's calling a high school game tonight but she game with ted andrus i'm not sure which game it is chiappero and rock canyon it's seven o'clock on orange and blue our sister station seven sixty and he's really good at the two met in i have done a lot of games together but we've done a lot of high school games together i did play by play unheeded colour for several years to these color or as a doing color and mike reiss was the uh the playbyplay guy on the to recruit relegated a couple of weeks ago summit great najat chat andrews working with the most friday's chad calls nba summer league and they do they do a good job uh both those guys gone games for sure i was repressed i was really really impressed so hey i don't know where your but this is your time is supposed to be on with us right now he's probably rocket out to some serious are rock music and not hearing his phone ringing in his truck as you drive in over two ice will game is going on twitter couldn't hear the phone ring can't hear ring if you if you break it up with talic o'hare absolutes attorney yup you've heard that denver's trying to get amazon to.

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