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Gotta love your, man. But now they're dropping out. So the USC. Yeah. And they're getting trolled Olivia the younger daughter she actually lost her endorsements. He had situation with Sephora. She had all this stuff going on. And now, she's disabled her comments. That's crazy. You know, what like my thing is for one. We didn't have that kind of money. Anyway, you know, what I'm saying? I would just tell my mom give me the five hundred racks, and let me just live my life fleas. You know, what I'm saying like for someone like some was fifteen thousand six like this ridiculous. Parents have been like, no. And you started and these they're not used to this whole keep your mouth shut is about to be a lot of talent for one they're entitled privilege. They can't believe that they probably got arrested. I'm pretty getting the hang on. I know that they have to feel like they are the victim here. But lock they asked us up like like everybody else up. Yeah. Listen, Laurie Lackland loss are her deals to she's no longer on the Tennessee head on. Fuller house. You got the house. I would say lock them up. Do you think about your college process though, like going to school? What was that? Like, oh, man. It was crazy for me. I remember when know my background's army when I attended west LA City College. I remember going to west LA City College. And actually, you know, I'm having to pay per unit. They call it Homer City College. There was no testing because all he wanted was your money. But. Getting into City College. Was you know it? I did it. Yeah. My mom didn't get me into City College. My dad give me I don't even my dad. So therefore, how do you know, how do you pay for your son? Get in that you never taken care of. Yeah. And it's interesting because these girls they didn't even want to go to USC. They wanted to go to a whole difference because I think in Arizona or something like video of Olivia even saying like I'm excited party is on the day like the game. That's why you gotta be careful on social media to come back for now. You went to college as well. Yes. I went to Wesleyan university in Connecticut now, and I remember just the whole process of like having to write the whole essay about why you want to go here do community service and apply for these schools in your plan to all these different schools. And you know, that was like white and experience I remember wanting to go to Syracuse Wesleyan, and you can China figure out, but it was hard. I had to take the SAT's. I took him twice. You didn't get extra time because the disability. Four hundred points from your free to your SAT. I didn't have anyone take the test for him. The struggle is real. And I say man, they lock them up. But I think they've been doing a lot of stories about these kids who are getting accepted in schools. Yeah. I don't know if you saw. College. On people have problems with that like a year ago when people getting accepted into multiple schools or they're blocking admissions. And I'm just like now we fast forward, and we have all this, you know, privilege that's going on like what about what is to be on the crew team. I can't get on your spot that Photoshop into a canoe. All right. We will not. In the neighborhood, man. We gotta tell to jesse's Molly has this. Jesse everyday. John show ESE has actually did it episode of empire. With him. On the set. I didn't you know, what there might have been. He didn't say hold on. I gotta go. Faces pre radio we got in the neighborhood. Done..

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