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Yeah. Yes. He did. He just went down with it. Yeah. Just just a little twist. It was looked like he his landing spot. His foot got stuck. He did turn to first base. Yes. Over the Indians, a scary moment, cleven, jer I was actually checked out by the Atlantic trainer and he stayed in the game. He wanted to pitching foreign two-thirds innings and they think that he's gonna be okay as he moves for that's big for the Indians like cleven journey important part of their rotation. Bottom of the fourth inning Clemenger was on the mound. Danny Santana the plate, here's a peep into center going back. Martine. Just pay baseball just to give its own. Or the on the field that way, number five Danny Santana. The Rangers lead green over. From one oh, five point three, the fan, the Rangers win seventy their six games over five hundred as of this morning in a virtual type of the second wildcard spot in the National League with the Boston Red Sox, the reds played the Astros, Nick sends Dell had a big hit for Cincinnati. That's not the middle. And that's a face it into center field. And that's going to get to runners cross. Big hip percents L, the risk stake to nothing lead clear cut her in and shoot the Bank. Young man who's been banning almost four hundred with runners in scoring position. And he just showed everyone, why with a line drive up the middle and the reds around the board. Marty Brennaman and Jeff Brantley the cowboy and seven hundred wwl, w the reds went onto a nice re to win over the Houston Astros. Red Sox twins in Minnesota. Rick Porcelli was excellent. And he was backed in the end by Zander, Bogart's deals. Oh to swaying alive. Right. Right. Center field. Basit rolling all the way to the wall. J D scars Zander with a big till walk double on an oath to pitch makes it to nothing. Red Sox Joe Castiglione W e ninety three point seven FM. The Red Sox closed it out for to win the Yankees fan Yankee Stadium with their new toy and went in Cornell Zeon in the lineup for the first time he came to bat in the bottom of the second three two sweet. This and Kronos, he owns strikes out. Body got an ice cheer from the stadium crowd. That was Michael k on the yes network. The story in this game and the thrill win Masahiro Tanaka. He was outstanding and is the eighth inning ended roles Chapman wasn't even up in the bullpen. Because Tanaka was that good. Here was the final call that game. The Yankees win not completely shut out. That is up Maine's performance. What an outing? But Masahiro Tanaka why tell you what, Mike on that to state right there. He isn't the has not been as best to last three games his fourth career complete game in from any one. We had a split finger first pitch strikes pitched ahead. Great performance by Tanaka tonight. Paul O'Neil and Michael k on the yes network Aaron Boone, the manager talked about to Nakas performance. I do think he got away with some pitches..

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