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He doesn't have an attitude that things won't happen when he's involved in I'm he thinks they will you know the power of the mind it's incredible it's untapped but you know as well as I do having a positive mental attitude in the can do spirit is a large part of achievement thinking you can do it thinking that it will happen it's more than confidence but that's a big part of it so here is the media Hallie Jackson dumb questions about the inevitability that everybody does it in order I don't think it's inevitable trump says nothing is inevitable I don't know how many people know this but I did I gets a huge inside of who he is why is legendarily successful and achieved and I will continue the explanation when I have more time I just noticed factions guaranteed for the next hour is rush for Washington W. Washington Hillsdale college creates a campus environment that inspires students to want to learn it's a big deal great professors there have a passion for the subject matter at hand and how it fits into our world Hillsdale focuses on four core principles learning character faith and freedom they have defined the hills dales mission since eighteen forty four Hillsdale understands as America's founders give the proper education is essential to preserving a free country young people need to learn about America's great heritage of liberty how the government works and the importance of the constitution they must develop the skills to become useful citizens now many learning institutions.

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