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Him as such. 41 rounds, fired from two ships in his memory while on land outs paid their respects at Buckingham Palace. I think that that is a fair to say he was my hero and Windsor Castle, the beams, the image of the monarchy and the image of that stability. Queen Elizabeth has approved eight days of national mourning on the royal family will observe. Two weeks of morning. Ian Lee CBS News London, Not Augusta, Georgia, the side of the Gulf Masters tournament this year against a very political background with calls for boycotts related to Georgia's controversial new voting log. Augusta's mayor opposes the law but supports his hometown golf club. They're leaning into the issue of diversity, equity and inclusion, and I see them doing Maura's We move forward in the past, outside pressures seem to make this club dig in its heels and not give in as one pass. Chairman put it at the point of a bayonet. For instance, calls for the club to admit women exploded in 2005. The club finally did seven years later. Mark Strassmann CBS news Augusta, Georgia Ramsey Clark was attorney general under Lyndon Johnson and then became a political activist. He has died at the age of 93 4 decades, Ramsey Clark took on unpopular causes even more unpopular client eventually defending even Saddam Hussein trying to negotiate with Iran for the freedom of the American hostages in Iran during the Carter administration, UV is Larry Sabato. This is CBS News. Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. It is three minutes after two on the taverns and establishments are letting our letting loose their patrons onto area roadways. Watch out for them. We've seen a few trapped tough drivers in the course of this particular evening. Traveling right now down in the south are in good shape on routes. 95 24 on Route three, traveling out to the central mass area, where all is well on routes. 1 92 90, and that work continues on route to heading eastbound in Lemon Sturgis around Route seventies, you head towards the town is surely and stretch that roadway closed down detour signs or in place. You have to watch for them, though. That's the way that works. Traveling up to the North. All is well on routes. 1 90 our route. Roots three and 93, coming out of New Hampshire earlier crash by the Little Connector is cleared out of the way traveling closer to downtown. We do have that work going on inside the Prudential Tunnel, eastbound and westbound, and it's the westbound side gets a heavier delay. Right now that all goes on till about 4 30 family. Otherwise downtown, looking pretty darn good right now. Are victims of drunken drugged driving. A grief is unique. But you are not alone. You always have a place that mad called the 24 Hour victims out blind at 877 mad help or visit mad dot organ. It is 59 degrees in Boston under mostly clear sky. I'm Jack Hart WBZ traffic on the threes. Here's the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Said cloudy early this morning Low near 50 thank cloudy and much cooler later today High 52 earlier than temperatures falling back into the 40 years during the day, damp and chilly tonight with a shower too low, 44 See cloudy and cool Monday with a shower to possible high near 50 and raw and chilly on Tuesday with a bit of rain or drizzle High 48 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Scott Erickson to be busy. Boston's news radio. Good morning. I'm Dan Watkins. Here's what's happening. The latest covert numbers air out in Massachusetts, the Department of Public Health reporting just over 2100 new cases and three additional deaths on Saturday. 685 people are in the hospital overnight 178 of those Patients are in ICUs. The seven day average positivity rate. Now at 2.3%. Half of those between the ages of 50 and 64 in the United States have gotten at least one Corona virus vaccine. That's according to a tweet from White House coronavirus advisor Andy Slavitt. Overall, the CDC says more than 114 million Americans have had at least one dose. Meantime, just over 68 million are.

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