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Either help the day waiting you know when to make the playoffs for twenty third consecutive year and then get a mediocre draft pick or you hope that I don't know they try real hard and somehow they end up even further down get better traffic they just wins are you wanna look at it we we we know we got to rebuild there's no other there's no question they need to package some people get younger the question is how long will it take that's that's the big question is first flashback coming coming up at road coming up in about two minutes are you going to go back to two thousand fourteen first game after the rodeo road trip in a B. Detroit so hopefully we'll history can repeat itself in the coming to be Dallas but it is black history month so it was on this date in eighteen seventy two the Cookman institute was founded it was one of the first schools for blacks that preceded America's many historically black colleges and university it was founded by the Reverend B. Darnell and from Jacksonville Florida the institution was named after Methodist mentor minister Alfred cook man because he gave the money for the construction of the first building sociais would George's Clark University cook man was the only school of its kind in the state as it was the first institution for higher education for blacks in the state of Florida there's your this day in black history they mention get free beer on Saturday once again Miller lite is giving away free beer on Saturday in it so it's like a lot of beer you get a free twenty four pack which is otherwise known as the case question I have is what if I go to my age should be in the I don't have twenty four packs only got two twelve packs gonna get that or do I have to find a twenty four by thinking do you have to find a twenty four pack okay you cannot buy two twelve packs that will not work will work yeah that that will not work all you have to do is buy the twenty four pack send them receipt and they'll refund the cost of the beer to you on pay pal we're talking totally free beer but you can only do that one time managing yeah yeah one less you have a lot of burner accounts and I'm I mean I mean I I think you can only do it once actually you should only do it one time because other than that stealing and it now if you have a house party all right member cherry seven house playset all right here's a spurs flashback with the voices pers bill showing.

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