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Now that you, you'd expect your gob to be. You'd expect that defense, especially sue Donald, Dewey practice, two weeks of practice. Bat, Zona practice leading up to the Arizona game. There's only game is another preseason game of Shusha McVay and the rest of less need in. Staff looked at these two games. They're not going to overlook their opponents. There's no question about that. But at the same time in the back of their minds, they know they have the better talent. They should win these games running away given what Arizona had displayed and put on the field and is to watch the Redskins making age repeated agent Peterson as the number one. Certainly tells me that the Rams are hitting on all cylinders. Come out in the third quarter, Dobie emptying bench. They don't even have to be firemen all cylinders and it feels like they're going to run them up. If feels that way into you. Certainly believe that on paper, but you got to win. I mean you gotta play because again, as I always say, they want one leg time they put on their pant leg one time, one pant leg at a time. So Mason coal rookie center. Okay, against defense. Yeah. What about it? That's just not going look, right? Yeah, he knows that. You didn't. You don't think he knows it mccown sues on one ear. Donald Donald on the other. He's gonna have himself a rough office. So we talked about that Colt Miller from the raiders the Rams just abused him. They needed him like a rookie and that was he's on the edge where sue and Donald typically aren't. Yeah. What's now. Down the Brian me San, what's his name? Would you tell them to call him San, Samson? Samson became EBA k. Sampson McCain what I brought that up because as a good chance. That that Bradford, you know, might get touched, might get broken. Touch is Rosen available. Now, Rosen haired his hand. I don't know if we didn't play last week hand on the helmet, right? But Jonah say game with with that. Josh Rosen the my last six games of the season. I'm gonna hold on him to my last six games of the season, and then I'm gonna use that to segue into the twenty nineteen year hit him some reps in six games, weight into ranch use Goff. I made it. Yeah. Yeah, yes. Yes, I don't. I'm not going anywhere. Right. Why the hell, what I play him, I'm not. I'm going nowhere. Why I'm not gonna hard. I'm not going to get David card and I'm not gonna. Have him get me fired in two years because he completely just shell shock. No, I'm not gonna do that to do the Rams need to get somebody on the edge. I mean, we tried to get Khalil Mack and that's one thing. What do you need if they're fine. Here you go. Jon Gruden, you messing up. You wanna start messing with the team. There's nothing to do. They tried to get kill MAC..

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