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This is live continuing team coverage of hurricane erma from the worldwide resources have cnn on news 955 and am 750 wsb roof or gutters actually emoth from window other water the drive i have a league behind our unit and then there's lake filled up a little bit more than their water in the fertile drive around a mild debris but uh tough everywhere dark at the time the fall in the early the the normal will you heard our bike down degree everywhere and water filling up so listen you understand your from kansas where there are tornadoes does this compare how do you compare this today again man through down here november everyone told me about hurricanes the munich it in the you know you get limited warning the minute nicol airing gone and what they want and i hate them for awhile iphone followed park but we are way way far away from them develop and uh i got word the idea of a we thought earlier in the week where go to carolina in of the show then the middle florida you wake up this morning the i had a great for you uh pretty the with the feedback and then when it finally come that gone you for so much longer than a tornado in effect hugh we've route we've them without power the forty nine and we don't have it right now and that's going to be probably worth aftermath though i got to say i was not able to quit my youth yet a threetime no place like home with this than that with a hurricane uh listen i know that you're with the minor league team the fort myers miracle how're you.

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