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Elect the notes of dying swans to sweep to last with this many hours for your unkindness and not one for love. Not a minute this one kiss more worth then all i leave to see so he dies all tell me so again and take ten thousand kisses full that word my lord my lord speak if you have being signed to me if you cannot speak all cast one look to anything that shows He's gone too far to hear you. And this you see a lump of senseless clay. The leavings of soul remember matter. He charged you not to grieve. And i'll obey him. I have not loved a roman not to know what should become his wife. His wife my commun- fourteen to that high title. Aspire and now i'll not style less. Let's dull survive to mourn him dead. My normal fate shall knit spousal with thai too strong for roman laws to break. Will you then die. Why should still make that question. Caesar is merciful. Let him be so to those. That want his mercy. My lord made no such covenant with him to spammy when he was dead yield may to seize pride what to be led in through the streets a- spectacle to base plebeian is while some dejected friend of antonis close in a corner shakes his head and mutters secret curse on her who ruined him. None of that. Whatever you resolve of over even to death. I only feared for you but more should fear to live without you. Why now to as it should be quick. My friends dispatch this the town's in seizes hands. My lord looks down concerned and fears my stay lest i should be surprised. Keep him not waiting for his love. Too long. you come in bring my crown and richest jewels with them. The wraith victory. I made vain augury for him. Who now lies dead you iris. Bring the cure of all our ills the aspects. madame..

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