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I'm outta here. And I ended up the next morning, and I got to go down to ground zero. So I'm driving down. I'm on a beat you eat, the, Brooklyn queens expressway. And I'm going to his. Bridge. Oh, guess what? The bridges are closed, and I saw a cops car going over the bridge with two bands behind it. I said I'm going to give it a shot, and I drove between the cones and they went on a bridge. I want to go over to the other side. Nobody knows nobody was dead. Everything was grey. And I went over to the house watch at five engine. I told him I'm going down to ground zero. And they said well, good luck t good luck about. Anyway. The police department. They don't wind up on a perimeter all around the Brown jerem. I gotta get in, you know, and I showed him my badge. They let me and and then the guy said to me, good luck. So I went down about a block or two, and then I see the national guard perimeter also. And they said we don't care that you appointment, but you're not getting in. So I had to think fast, and I talked my way in Iowa. You know, I was at that perimeter. I don't know how anyone could have talked them selves through that line. How did you do it? I saw little I told them. I I missed a rig and always gonna get in trouble. If I didn't get in there, and they bought it. Wow. Wow. Okay. So you're so you're there, you snuck across the bridge your, then you you you sneak across the barrier with national guard. Right. And then what happens, and then I came into ground zero. And I tell you what way was it jar. Buildings. Running bracing for their. Identified survivors will be found in underground. To my mind was. How would probably look in blitz winding? Yeah. Wow. What happened? I worked down there all that day, and I would on the bucket brigade. And I found a shell. Now. I started thinking with the guys, and and we found a pump the pump fire engine in the rubble. And we told the crane operator to put to. Out on this in the street. And she does some guy comes over. And he says the president is here. And I sorta guarantee put shovel down, and I put mine down and I walked out to the street. Pump away just dug out a rubble. I jumped up on it and right across the street. Was the command post a tent with all microphones in front of it thinking? Oh, that's where the president's gonna talk. This secret service man came over to me. And he said, it's just saved. I said, yeah. And he said we'll jump up and down on a for me. So I jumped up with down on a forum, and he said, okay, he said somebody importance coming over here. And when they come here, you help them up, and then you get down. I said, okay. 'cause you're doing the cheapest service guy tells you to do. The president comes around and he does a hard, right? And he comes to right in front of me, and he puts his arm up. So I pull them up. And I turn them around. And I said are you? Okay. Mr president. He said, yeah. And I started to get down. He said, what are you going? I said I was told to get down. And he said, no, no, you stay right here. And he put his arm around me. And that's my story. Unbelievable. I I didn't know is. I didn't know any of those things what did the president say to you at one point. Do you even remember when he turned to you in the middle of the speech, and he said some things to you do you remember, no we couldn't hear we couldn't hear each other? We did speak to each other. But we didn't hear each other. It was too loud. The guys would were yelling. I didn't remember him having that megaphone that run really, and then he started to speak, and he's speaking to the right, and and the guys on the left day Yellen weekend, he you and he studied turn to the left with the on any. And the whole world is you?.

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