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The report I believe Francis many staffers in the White House who do get close to the vice president and president are taking new precautions while Constantinopolitan noticeable difference over the weekend with two aides having access to the president and vice president testing positive other aids for the first time we're wearing masks the vice president is not quarantining and will work out of his office at the White House according to his staff others like economic adviser Larry Kudlow will be on the job in person there's a daily testing for people who have come into contact with the president and the vice president will follow the rules and guidelines of the White House medical unit because low on A. B. C.'s this week president trump has not been seen wearing a mask in public with the speculation he does not want to send a message of fear as he pushes for business activity to be revived but Costantini Washington top world health official Monday one that countries are essentially driving blinded re opening their economies without setting up strong contact tracing to be black Phillips of the virus a million Francis entrepreneur mark Cuban is taking an in depth look at how Texas businesses re opening during the virus pandemic quick novel tells businesses continue to open in phases in Texas but Dallas Mavericks owner mark Cuban's decided against opening up the man's practice facilities until testing is more widely available Cuban believes businesses should listen to concerns of customers before being so quick to reopen their doors and say you know what can we do together how can I help you working with the company ships more physical audits were done at about three hundred restaurants and stores near Dallas to see if they followed re opening guidelines Cuban says the study showed that about ninety six percent of those businesses were non compliant on things like mark waiting spots and single use condiments Clayton Nevil dalam prevent nights at the LA county jail trying to infect themselves with code red nineteen by Surender couple water tested positive Francis this is KGO San Francisco a cumulus stations now on Amazon Alexa open the KGO eight ten scale taking a look at KGO traffic.

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