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With rose gray on WGN J rose on the road, South Africa to be exact Tricia is here. Newlands New Orleans. I keep such a great name sounds like a good beer or whiskey. That's probably Tom Tom phases. We're gonna he's he's now in Ireland Ireland everybody somewhere, right, but us. And that's why Milwaukee there you go. Yeah. Four one four seven nine nine one six twenty s or number. That's accurate mortgage talk and text line said heartland, Steve thanks for waiting. You're on WTMJ. Yeah. Hi, I'm going to be traveling the Norway and ten days. And I was curious is it better to obtain. On reading krona here in the United States or do I count on high machines in the in the country? I do recommend having some cash ahead of time. Just because you don't want to spend your your tire when you arrived to the airport there your jet legs. You don't wanna have to deal with you know, if the cash place or the machines are working or operating in the airport, so just to get up maybe a couple of hundred dollars worth right off the bat here to have it and go there and be prepared is is what I would recommend. And then also just be sure if you are getting cash over there that your debit card that you're using is compatible with European machines. I find a lot of banks don't necessarily know. These cards are supposed to have be sure that it has the word, plus pulse or Cirrus. With a C to make it compatible. Sarah's are are a U s any one of those three words on the back of the card will tell you that it's compatible with the European ATM machines. Okay. Doesn't matter because it's an versus your own. It should be just as easy. Yeah. Well, when you're in Norway, you beginning their currency are you going anywhere else? Well, we're stopping on on flights in like Copenhagen. Oh, just for a layover. Yeah. Yeah. There you could use a credit card at the airport. That's no problem. But for your your destination for Norway. I would definitely get kroner. Come ahead of time. I will tell you straight. I never did that before and a few years ago. I was in Spain and an ATM machine. Eight my card right off about in the airport, and there I was with no cash and now no debit card. So it was a bit tricky. I had to go through a lot of hoops to get cash through a Western Union type business, and it cost me a lot of extra money. So to have something on hand is good. Ahead of time to be prepared. And just to be sure that your card is compatible. Right. Okay. Stephen norwegian. Yes. I'm fifty percent. Norwegian brother, one of our one of our one of the features that trip is we're renting a car in going to we did the ancestry. Family tree, and we are visiting the immigrants home. Oh my gosh. Awesome. As ING vacation. We're going out your hunting. Basically, we're going to go from southern on our way to the northern. Well, we got a few. Bring your wallet. I heard it's super expenses. Very your dollar is not. It's not in favor of our currency divide by aid is always the real, okay? Thanks. Thank you for calling. All right. That's where my people are from. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Visited your homeland? Nope. My sister did a couple of years ago. And she did what Steve did was was she she went to the family farm. And and that was pretty amazing. And my dad of all things, and we can't get them. They're now at this point. But my dad said. So his father emigrated at sixteen. But he went back. They move back there and lived there for a couple years during the depression, then they came back. But then when he was in the airforce he went there and visited and then he didn't wanna go anymore because it's too much has changed. So you gotta do it. You gotta do it. But my sister did this thing called Norway in a nutshell. It was Norway's nutshell worked really well. Yeah. They must be there. One of the top companies that when clients come to us asking about Norway and they've been that are of Norwegian heritage. They must pay a lot to Google because a lot of clients come to us asking about that company and the focus a lot on the clients people that have done it. They have had amazing to me. Like, okay. Yeah. Yeah. My sister. Did you? All right text question. We've got about a minute and a half for this one. What is your favorite all inclusive Mexican resort? So this would be your opinion Tricia for FOX. So your your favourite all inclusive Mexican resort, so maybe your favorite destination. And then where do you like, I'm a big fan of the review properties? The Ryu palace Rivera is very close to play dot Carmen. And so I like that property in particular. I for its proximity to being able to walk either on the street side or the beach side to play dot Carmen. And I love the beach area as well. It's one of the few reu- properties left. That is still they've been remodeling of their properties to be kind of a ultra-modern. And I prefer this one has an old style. Mexico look to it. And it's one of the few that they have not changed. The look when you're in that resort. You know, you're in Mexico, not in Vegas or New York. I really liked that looking at feel that's one of my favorite, and my other favorite actually have to Sandoz Caracol is also in the Rivera, my it's a little further from Carmen, but the resort itself is an eco tourism property that sounds cool. Very big into the self sustaining. Nice shirt from FOX travel is in for rose. If you have questions about travel, and she's a cruise can I say experts she spent I mean, she worked. I'm actually worked out a cruise ship. I I want to hear some stories on that. Maybe maybe just commercials during news. Let's time for that the WTMJ breaking news center. Here's Barry Nelson. Danny North Carolina's Harnett county has declared a mandatory evacuation along the river. That's expected to rise. More than seventeen feet above flood stage on its Facebook page. The county said the evacuation wasn't effect along the lower little river near the Cumberland county line to men's sustaining injuries in two separate shootings in Milwaukee Friday night police are investigating a shooting that happened around nine fifteen year fifty ninth in Appleton. Investigators say a twenty three year old man was in his vehicle when he was hit by gunfire. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later released two hours later police were called to fourteenth and mineral for reports of a shooting a sixteen year old male victim walked into a local hospital with a gunshot wound. He is expected to be okay and find a police taking into custody a thirty one year old man possibly connected to a shooting in the city late Wednesday evening. The shooting at forest plaza. Apartment complex injured. Two people. No update on their condition. Police continue their investigation..

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