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Spectrum criticize the campaign to recall someone saying he'd only fulfilled a campaign promise and is up for reelection next year anyway Mario Nicholas is an attorney and has long been involved in Republican circles he's now unaffiliated Nicholas says all of these efforts have been kind of a mess there is not any agreement and there's no unity behind what they're doing and people are calling in fifteen different directions from the same center and going nowhere and he says these recalls detract from the top G. O. P. goal holding on to Corey gardeners US Senate seat gardeners considered one of the most vulnerable Republican senators up for reelection twenty twenty especially in a state that has trended blue and where the president is unpopular with moderate voters already more than ten Democrats are vine in a crowded primary field to try to unseat Gardner and that field now includes John Hickenlooper the former two term Colorado governor has quit his bid for the party's presidential nomination and is now making a run for gardeners Senate seats it's the wrong way for resources right now maybe that could be used to go out and you lay the groundwork for him in twenty twenty and Nicholas thinks the recalls are energizing the democratic base governor pollicis already using the recall as a catalyst to raise money this is frankly more energy and activism we would normally see in an odd year that's democratic state party chair Morgan Carol it's also brought some new people who haven't been involved before but frankly are so disgusted it saying this as just a transparent abuse of process that they're like I'm getting involved Carol says recall organizers aren't running very sophisticated operations but Democrats aren't taking the threat lately in twenty thirteen to democratic state senators were successfully ousted from office and currently in the state Senate the party only has a slim advantage we are not underestimating these because they only need to flip to states to flip the majority and overthrow basically most of the results of the twenty eighteen election by September six the secretary of state's office will announce whether the recall against the governor will go before voters but it may not be until twenty twenty before we know which party these Republican recall efforts ultimately.

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