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Of the front runner in the democratic presidential primary but former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg continues to out spend the rest of the field for more we're joined live in studio by KCBS in chronicle insider filmed here and former San Francisco mayor Willie brown what to make of the debate Bloomberg clearly would have been better off if he had not been present but I'll spend it so he should have been just out doing TV address over should never show up for debates and things of that nature he should keep sending them his servants to do that kind of work why shouldn't I don't weigh level let me ask you this I mean the the the odds continue to improve that nobody's going to get half of the delegates before the convention this opens the door to open convention brokered convention smoke filled room super that whatever you wanna call it how do you read this I see exactly it is all as you described it and it's exactly the theory that prompted by Bloomberg get in the race if you remember he had said he was not going to run because he really didn't want to get in to this daily doorbell rang in operation and a primary that ruined you that absolutely give base issue for purposes of running in the fall he went on to do that he was gonna stick around wait any was stick around when you realize nobody could win therefore who the appropriate time he got a forty of them there he didn't have to raise a nickel what he didn't understand is he should have been out to lunch when they were last debated why he gets going he was honorable yeah I was awful that was it's not his stake Phil it's like somebody who you know speaks own career in doing a movie it is it's just eighty eight in other words it doesn't sell he doesn't he's out he's not sterile Canada he should have done exactly what he did to get an additional term in New York okay band to terror because that's just not the way it works you got to go out there and face to public notice agree with you fill you'll you can make it work if you've got enough money and enough influence and enough contact a let's let me ask that okay does he stay viable absolutely are you can Democratic Party has got to keep him alive if they don't they have a in depth what does millionaires socialist Losin to trump lack my candidate named McGovern lost a job I didn't see one person on that stage that want him there no of course he stole two well in Dino resource wives now is the one using it wisely I mean I think our sales departments thankful for all the radio ads are being bought by trump and starter are they getting anything for that they're absolutely think about instead he went from zero to fifteen or eighteen in five weeks and believe me he shoulda stayed on that boat the minute they were doing that I think the debate in what Reno all someplace at thirty three men watched it he should have been an awesome events okay here's what I don't understand you're talking about the Democrats want these guys in there to try to stop Bernie this the democratic establishment but Bernie still got thirty percent and that's more than anybody else and what are the odds that he takes it okay fell last starred backwards if he takes it it's over trump wins as of now trump probably wins anyway unless something dramatic happens only Bloomberg has the resources to make it happen Bloomberg has operated in such a way that he does have to spend a minute on the Taliban right I I hate to catch you guys up but I'm gonna have to I just this we're going to hear from all the Bernie backers because every time you talk about this Mr here they get a Greek I mean is this schism in the party that deep it is believe me that group of people contributed substantially by they are staying at home to elect trump and they don't want to admit it with a brown former San Francisco.

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