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Station. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Robart coming up, Mark, Zuckerberg Facebook's doing more to protect its users Friday is already here for big retail. That story's coming up in five minutes when Bloomberg checks your money. Authorities are allowing more residents return is the Wolsey fire is close to being fully contained those stories coming up at the next fifteen minutes. I it's twelve forty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five. Cheers, many check. Oh, let's begin enrolling high sixty west before Nogales a car fire along the right shoulder. Emergency crews on the scene, and I do see a slight backup to Fairview. San Dimas to ten west connected to the fifty seven south stalled vehicle over to the right shoulder. Stephanie slow as you approach and drive right through the transition Irvine CHP just issued a Sigler on the four or five north at Culver. It's another car fire and the vehicle blocking the carpool lane the growing backup right now to university Westminster four or five south before beach boulevard, a stalled car stuck in the second lane from the right, and you are on and off the brakes at golden west. If you're heading into downtown one ten north past Adams. A stalled vehicle. Stuck along the center divider, you're on and off the brakes at Florence also on the one ten south fourth street off ramp is closed for film crews and the backup is to the one. Oh, one your drive out of atwater village. Five south connected to the two south stalled car blocking the transition. It's adding to a slow drive on that five south from Las Vegas boulevard to the one ten Hollywood one one south before Highland the three-car crash both over to the right shoulder. The actual slowing on the Highland avenue off ramp up ahead at stay slow on the one and one south from Santa Monica boulevard to Glendale. Our next report twelve fifty five I'm Manny Pacheco was more traffic parts..

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