Joe Biden, Samantha Josephson, Fox News discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


A Grammy nominated rapper is shot dead. I'm an charac, Fox News. Thirty-three-year-old rapper. Nipsy hustle was shot and killed in Los Angeles outside his own store marathon, clothing, a woman who claims to be a childhood friend says he was very giving. He was a pre show. Hiring. People house was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other men also were wounded in the shooting also tweeting shortly before his death. Having strong enemies is a blessing sources say the shooting appears to be gang related. A candlelight vigil was held Sunday night at the university of South Carolina to remember Samantha Josephson murdered after getting into a car early Friday morning that she thought was her override one professor praised Josephson for her intelligence and her heart for family and friends we had the memory of Samantha's brilliance. Her smile are infectious energy have friends tell me that she lit up the room when she walked in the driver of the car Nathaniel Roland is under arrest charged with murder he's not yet in the democratic presidential race. But a kiss controversy has former vice president Joe Biden on the defensive on Fox News Sunday White House, counselor Kellyanne Conway said of Biden's kiss of Nevada. Politician and other such displays because it affection handshakes his party calls it completely inappropriate Biden. In a statement said if he acted inappropriately it was not his intent Democrats seeking the presidency like Minnesota Senator Amy klobuchar say this won't go away. If Biden gets in the race people raise issues, and they have to address them, and that's what he will have to do with the voters. Jar says, she has no reason not to believe Nevada politician Lucy floor is allegation Grenell. Scott, Fox News, Biden is considered a front runner. This is.

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