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To safety concerns and traffic congestion los angeles should erect a second tally woodside the firm suggested the duplicated go up on the san fernando valley side to solve issues for locals and authorities that said consultants did admit it would take away from the original we got a bit of like a second space needle yes it was gay out there for seeing anything around downtown seattle today we had the regular rain showing up here in late january it's the routine that were used to seeing after running so mild around her for the last couple of days this is the way it's supposed to look you're in the middle of winter and this was the view from the space needle by the way earlier this afternoon it just kind of summed up the day didn't it right now the view from the columbia toweards rocking enroll in a little bit it's been shaky we at that big flash lightning we talked about and the ten o'clock hour and you can see the rain is still coming down a blurry lens there it's bouncing around because it's also gusty settling ones twenty two it is still kinda warm out there but that's going to change tomorrow so under the radar which has been so busy tonight active not only with the rain its capturing but also with the lightening the lightning detection software and again if you miss the top of the show we were talking a lot about a big boom right over downtown seattle woke a lot of us back up i think you can see that that was squarely over queen anne hill and right over beacon hill and then loads of lightning over the offshore waters including over these strait of juan de fuca and also back over the olympic peninsula so the rain in the gauges over the last twenty four hours while it was certainly heavy around port angeles which is unusual that's usually the rain shadow but you picked up nearly an inch soaking rain in the last twenty four a lighter amounts right across.

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