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So let's get to it. When I think about quarterbacks over the years. I know how hard it is it's hard. Whether it's me, whether it's you whether it's the guys that are running these teams. But how have you kind of changed the way you've evaluated position seeing that the rule seem to be different now? Even if it still is challenging. Yeah. It really is hard Ryan. And it's great to be with you. I think you look at the quarterbacks now almost call some of these guys wildcards I did with Mayfield. I did with Manziel. I'm doing it with Cuyler Murray because there's different yet to evaluate them differently. And change, your whole mindset. As the how you used to back in the day evaluate quarterbacks. The league is change the rules of change. Everything's chains. You can't think old school. We can't think seventies eighties nineties even early to mid two thousand you can't think that way. So now, you gotta think two thousand nineteen it's James changing every year. And I think for Cuyler Murray and some of these quarterbacks now different entity you gotta adjust a Russell Wilson. I think may Kyle Marie a lot of money. I think the perfect storm of cliff Kingsbury being the Zona coach made him the number one pick and obviously hurt the Oakland Athletics. And Billy bean ends up losing that the top ten pick in baseball with nothing in compensation coming back. But that was the risks they took but in terms of Cuyler Murray. Tyler Murray types are coming along Ryan every year other five years, he's he's unique. But I think the league has allowed a five ten quarterback now to you not only the first round pick. But the number one pick overall, which is pretty amazing..

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