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All right back to the phones. And we have John. Hello, john. What can I do for you? Well here on a good morning morning. The first of all I want to put a plug in for your landlord tenant workshops, isn't that? Nice. Thank you. Well, they're just so helpful. And and you told me before in the phone as well. So I tell everybody to call you. Okay. Good enough. What can I do for you? Okay. I live in east Orlando tenants next door using our front yard as a driveway. So we started getting some quotes to have a sense put in okay, and because the landlord doesn't return my calls or emails. So my question has to do with what's my responsibility to inform the landlord number one that we're gonna put a fence. And then number two is we've found when we're doing the fence quotes that the the boundary survey that I had done when I moved into the house show defense on the property line. But when the sense people came out to measure, it it actually is on our property, so who's landlords. They want to get in touch with you. Are you a renter or? Or an owner. No, no, no, the pe- on the owner. But the people next door, the tenants, they they hustle the people that come for the fence quotes. Okay. Okay. We're having to deal with the fact that you would put up would be on your side of the property line. Correct. Yes, sir. So in effect. I mean, not that I'm being too naive about this because I'm sure people have to straddle the line to do certain things, but pretty much this is a problem that's contained within your own property. And so that contacting the owner next store mostly is not a requirement. Okay. There's no requirement that you did because you're doing something on your own property. Now, I say I'm not being naive because in a sense when people are working on something close to a property line. It might be nice to contact the person next door, and let them know that that's what's going on. So I'm not undervaluing that. But I don't think I don't think that you have to get their approval or anything like that to do something on your on your own side of the property line. Right. I was just thinking about setting a certified letter return receipt explaining to them that what we're going to do. And and if the tenants there wanna get out things like campers or things like that the existing gates is we'll be is is is bigger than it should be in other words on their side. Okay. Well, so I don't know if they're using your front lawn because there's an easement to it or anything like that. So I'm taking this question sort of at its most fundamental level, which is almost zooming that. They don't have any of those rights that for some reason they're just parking on your front lawn because it's easiest to do that. And it's very nice of you to send letters and to notify and I'm not I think you should do that. I think that's great. But in the end, you have the right to do on your side of the property lies one you need all of the code enforcement stuff. Thank you have a right to do that. So I don't think you ought to necessarily. Feel an obligation to contact them. I have to take a break right now. But you know, if you want me to follow up on your question concerning your defense being in the wrong place. Give me a call at the office. You clearly know how to do that. And I'll be happy to give you some free legal advice as well. This is rob Solomon on the old on Laura radio show sitting in for Thomason this WDBO ninety six point five. Now..

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