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I you know i would recommend something like a pan underneath is something because he added of it i mean it it is it's like pork like it falls apart very easily so you know if you're find losing like ten percent here's get a lose it to the grill pit but um yeah you really weird role that yeah it's it's second delicious and guess outlook after that that's what i say awesome jack fruit so here's one thing in terms of your multimedia platform i was doing some research check you guys out and i looked hyon low there's one thing that i couldn't find from from the to view and that was any video maybe i didn't look hard enough of either one of you making food uh did not look hardening does exist wear here by bells you know you on a cooking show gang you know where you're making an appearance but my my question is why hasn't that been something that that you guys have sort of taken to in terms of you know building interest in you know what you're doing and kind of promoting a fairly recipes yeah i feel like the next logical step when people sort of like blow up the become like a food now the is next thing to do is get in front of the camera and cook something in in the way that we did the book is we were like no one else is doing this were like all right we're going to do anything like on tv we wanna do something is completely different is not a stand in stir.

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