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Power make your money on wgn futures are higher this morning after the major averages wiped out deficit yesterday that had been in place most of the day to finish the day higher the dow s and p five hundred nasdaq all have three day win streaks and have risen in four of the past five trading sessions dow futures this morning are up one hundred and forty points nasdaq and s and p futures are higher as well facebook shares about a percent lower after news broke yesterday it was facing a broadened probe of its sharing of data with cambridge analytica in addition the sec has started an investigation into the social network's public statements about cambridge analytica the fbi among the agencies joining the investigation with the justice department now wgn traffic with very just looking pretty good so far this morning on the edens especially the app on side of the kennedy twenty six minutes out to the airport inbound is fine troubles though in the two ninety extension inbound before eighty three and accident is off to the side car ran into a pole the right lane was blocked with equipment is slow from thorndale to eighty three there's heavy delays up on his well all the way out to fifty three it's about an hour out to fifty three forty two coming in and twentyeight from mannheim inbound side of the stevenson forty from the tristate the inbound ryan twenty two from ninety fifth bishop ford and fifty seven or not too bad toll as snow troubled spots to report but lakeshore drive northbound at belbow accident in the right lane and other in buffalo grove at lake cook road and fifty three for personalized traffic on demand get the traffic chicago app approved by the mortgage experts team hochburg just search t r a f f i x chicago mayor van baal wgn traffic central partly.

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