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Court access is being expanded in Arizona I'm Gregg Paul Kane esteem news federal court proceedings will now be allowed in Yuma and flagstaff Arizona Republican senator Martha make Sally says president trump has signed a bill expanding federal court access in the state previously federal court proceedings can only be held in Phoenix Tucson Prescott and globe make Sally and fellow Arizona senator Democrat Kirsten cinema had co sponsored the legislation west Nile cases are spiking this year Pima county reported its first official human case last month when a woman was sent to the hospital Melissa crash more of the Maricopa county health department says there are many possible reasons it's a matter of the climate Hampshire rainfall in even the bird population she says what's now is most serious in older people with medical conditions to protect yourself it's recommended using mosquito repellent wearing long sleeves and pants and clearing any standing water around your home and the FBI is looking for a man who disappeared while awaiting a federal trial on sexual abuse charges in New Mexico agents say Jan J. molding left in Albuquerque halfway house without permission last week his last known location was to sign a federal warrant has been issued for his arrest and police hope a tip lead to his capture I'm Gregg Paul Kane S. T. A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk this report is sponsored by stables from the casino dell sold his soul to sun traffic.

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