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That's Morton scares me a little bit that offensive line there questions about whether or not both of his starting guards. I don't have their their injury report as of this recording. But you can check into see gets Gabe Jackson collect show. Similarly, if they're out if one of them is out, it's bad at Baltimore out. It's terrible. It's a good point. Yeah. It's a great match to if they're both playing. That's very good for. Martin. Okay. I don't have a name here. But I'm guessing he's from Washington says, hey, Alex, Colt, Mark. And josh. It might be Donald. What does that mean? Oh, yeah. My wash who lives in Washington. I started Heenan Allen it might PR league. So I need to maximize my upside because I played against Damian Williams so fill the four remaining spots in my lineup Julio Jones, Davante Adams, Nick Chubb, Leonard fournette and David Johnson. I'm sitting Johnson from that group. Would you start? Evan Ingram or in Thomas Thomas, especially in PR. This is an Email from Craig from a city in silicone valley. San jose. I think that's right around that area. Right. I I don't know question. We're kind of idiots. We don't know all the cities in Silicon Valley. I don't I don't know any San Francisco. I mean, I know it's even all of that is like some there's a now, I don't there is a tech. What is it like near Stanford and stuff? Yeah. He says, hey, Tom, George, Kenny. And Jim there was a show called Silicon Valley. Apparently. It's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. It's right around the San Francisco Bay area, San Jose is the valley's largest city. In your face map. Now, who's Tom Jim Kenney and Tom George Kennan. Jim. Those are males. No, those are forty Niners coaches. Now, they're not our. Okay. Let's we have PPO armour. They I don't know some George Kenney a- Georgian Jim made me think of forty Niners coaches. But then there would probably be a Bill in there. Maybe a Steve any who is Kenny Ken O'Brien. No I killed Kenny pick to have PR DJ more. Tyler Boyd Allah Robinson. I'm going to go with more Boyd. Oh hint. For the names. One of now, you're going to one of them is a snake? Tom. George kenyon. Jim. What of? Oh, okay. So Kenny is stabler. These are these are raiders. Okay. Implicit Kenny stabler, Tom Flores. And I'm blanking on the Georgia. I feel like a total moron. Now. Not like the time. When I thought I knew where George. George blanda. Yes. I think he was a raider. But I don't know if he was a part of those great eighties raiders are Martin. I think it's George of the jungle. Hi, my name is Aaron I'm in the semi-final of my half VR league. Reggie Lynch into receivers to start candy golladay, Adam Humphreys, Corey Davis Curtis Samuel. Josh reynolds. I will nervously recommend Davison golladay and I need to fill. My tight end inflec- spots with Aaron Jones, Jalen Samuels, and rob gronkowski. I think the safest way to go is to bench Samuels. Gotta gotta go win by he says like that from mica, I need some IKEA. Is that what you're?.

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