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Cat food kebbah canned food i'm a freezer saxon as well as my daily supplies so in when you were in grosse pointe you had no socks for the pets tuesday to wear socks in grosse pointe maybe another the baby's maybe that with ruppert foley who could have hired brian to be here with this it's a grosse pointe joke they don't wear socks in grosse pointe anyway and it would you have a variety of different dog and cat foods yet the litter the leashes the toy's especially adams and stuff like that you have a pet idea i have to dock every german shepherd and a saint bernard and i have my goodness saint bernard yes you must have like a huge house it's taken out for all of us oh yeah and then there's also i am emily can cockatoo his twenty seven twenty seven years old yes while end so they all eat well in they do a great things and all of that but you of a favorite of food or company now that provides what you think is the best food out there were some of the best route because i suspect if you're a boutique you can only carry a certain amount and i would presume also just from our conversation that you wanna carry the best you can carry right so am i put together foods we looked at the ingredient lest we wanted the protein to be the first ingredient and so we're looking at high quality foods but we also wanted them to be at different budget points so there's an the highest cloudy fairly combined the marquette and then there's also regulate quality food at a budget friendly way it i mean to put you under fire here but what's the brand name of the highest quality food of right now at as champion as the manufacturer which does a canada and arjun so at has the highest amount of protein and the third in what would be at the lower cost in but still very high quality and that would be called pal pack yet okay very good and when i mentioned earlier partnering with local businesses that's to to host a variety of vaccination clinics grooming services pet education classes and i i i'm also told here.

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