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The dog dogs on top right yeah we got oklahoma state verse iowa state who got oh oh although home state and joe go sam sampson's big okay sega areas are we got number two alabama go to mississippi say man what she got alabama the name dj knows nato today verse miami this is the game of the week it is i'm gonna go but i go my add a gives you the usbacked maybe going to stay undefeated i mishkin stay one more is going against the team that i love the sea will lose ohio state got i'm gonna go oh man i love it had a tough stretch i said last one uh uab plane utsa uab just landed over in san antonio what he got j so blades uh donald you bility love it man let it die thank you lord i know you're on a tight schedule it's always tough to get you because you know you're gonna tell you the catch and football's you're in the film review ever here's rind hanging out with a jail or just a you wary yeah yeah yeah yeah we uh john like uh click we'll break last year week getting ready to hit new in.

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