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Sparked debate bubbles always having a speech corpus islands the the big players especially now in a wave echos in them and so on and so forth every day the someone use them they get more space to work with and its allies are visual are using them all day every day yeah vicious circle right if your if your apple you stop with a pretty good one and that's good enough people to use siri at which point a week later you've doubled the size of your speech copos everyone's without being it means you're very good at finding out whether sandwich shop is a not very good transcribing videos for example which is what google assistant brilliant archery questions like when did this person die unease hopeless during subtitles fiji years for example you know it's it's interesting i went to a little while ago went to some ugly invited to some missoula event in san francisco now at long and it was uh they had like this little exhibition area where they wish showing off what mazula does and this was about the health of the internet and they actually have some people walking round will it'll tablets and there were doing the whole speech corpus thing which i thought was quite cool and people were people were hey do you mind unit reading at least five sentences whatever and i felt that what a what a good idea it was it was it was quite cold advent though i have to say on a complete on a bit of a bit attention was a bit nauseating because it was there was a lot of talks which rural in a very kind of like canoeing we think if the children think the children of the future you know all this kind of stuff.

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